Lady Helena, treated like a harlot by her subjects, encounters a fateful romance.

She is forcefully held by her detested adversary until her consciousness slips away, all while the king watches...
Ten years ago, Lady Helena's parents were killed by the mad king and she was imprisoned in the castle. After many years, the king desires the now-beautiful grown Helena as his queen, but instead of the king, the young courtier Yuri is assigned to her for her nightly duties. Yuri, the despicable man who brought harm to her little brother. "You will bear a child with my seed." Despite her resistance, Helena is overpowered, and Yuri begins to defile her innocent body. Yet, despite his cold words, his touch and kisses are gentle, leaving Helena bewildered and unable to resist!


Mature_Romance_MangaRoyalty/Nobles Full Volume/Tankobon

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BisouBisou Comics

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Hakoniwa no Hatsukoi

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BisouBisou Comics

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Love Blooms in Captivity

Pages: 129

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