Sex or Die - Doctor! Please Do Something About My Son!

author :

Umi Ayano


Shouta is afflicted with a strange illness which compels him to have sex. One day, just when he's on the verge of "attacking" a handsome young man walking by on the street, Toru, a doctor and friend since childhood who established the a clinic just to help cure Shouta's strange sexual desire, passes by. Spotting Shouta, Toru takes him to the clinic and forces him to masturbate over and over while Toru watches, "Hey, I'm looking! So, don't stop!"Toru continues pleasuring himself under the discerning eye of Shouta, who is secretly in love with him. One day, overcome with desire, Shouta kisses Toru! Far from being controlled, Shouta's lust grows ever stronger ! Can this sickness ever be cured?


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author :

Umi Ayano

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Sex or Die Sensei Musuko wo Nantoka Shitekudasai

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Sex or Die - Doctor! Please Do Something About My Son!

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September 21, 2014 (JST)
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