A Lovely Day with Yuri Sensei

Muguruma, who works for the publisher Sougendou, is in love with an author: Kyouichirou Yuri. He's a mystery author who's selfish, capricious, yet overflowing with talent. Muguruma becomes Kyouichirou's lover, but then Sakura, a pampered author from a noble family, starts to intefere. Then Kyouichirou's fiance, a female student appears, and as usual, Muguruma's worries are never-ending... This is a story about the love-filled and row-filled days of the pure and sweet Muguruma and the unreasonable Yuri.

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A Lovely Day with Yuri Sensei

Muguruma became a lover of Yuri, who's selfish, capricious, yet overflowing with talent. Then a pampered author and Yuri's fiance, a female student appear...[211pages]
Pages: 211
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author : Keiko Kinoshita JP Publisher : TAIYOH TOSHO Eng Publisher : Digital Manga, Inc. Series : A Lovely Day with Yuri Sensei- 2 - Yuri Sensei to Itoshiki Hibi

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Digital Manga,Inc.

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