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chummiichum Rating
It was ok, nothing special.I was pretty excited to read this since it seemed good, and the first few chapters were good but then it went downhill. I only continued to pay for the last few chapters because I kept hoping that it would get better. The main character was such an annoying "wishy-washy" character and the older brother went all yandere, the only good character in this series was Kazuki. He honestly deserved better , not someone who just played with his feelings. Honestly, don't waste your money on this title.
ChikaneNoMiko07 Rating
I wanted to give this a shot, but's really dark. I was hoping they would find some leeway with each other and perhaps even have a threesome, but all that's happened so far is broken hearts, and manipulative relationships. To top it all off 3 childhood best friends/brothers are fighting so bad that they are considering each other an enemy. I really hope this story gets on a happier note (especially poor Akira) , we're at 5 chapters now and it's looking less and less likely. =(
dbz2000ho Rating
it was a good story but there was no love or sex scenes so i wouldn't list it as yaoi just a few kisses.
YokaiAkito Rating
This series has such a wonderful ending! For those unsure about trying this series because it seems dark, I highly recommend giving it a chance! The art style is wonderful, and the characters are all distinct and believable! While the story has plenty of drama to keep you guessing what will happen next, the final chapter ends the series really well!
ebookrenta0gakp9g4l Rating
I love it yaoi for ever yay !
Propanoll Rating
Chapter 1 ~ 5 were really tense and interesting, but the ending was disappointing. Nii-san was being awfully passive. I think I'd like a whole new book dedicated to nii-san's true love, but that is very unlikely. Well, that's ok. I think it's worth the 6 bucks.
howlmachine Rating
Nothing special about this, if anything it feels rushed and under developed and the last chapter didn't really feel like it resolved anything. Give it a miss.
AinoKusabi Rating
Most of these types of stories are usually smutty and silly. But this one is different. Love Triangle is dark and serious, not quite what I expected, however, it was a nice surprise, regardless. One thing I didn't care for is the ending, it felt rushed. In fact, the entire 6th chapter seemed rushed. Within a couple of pages, everyone admits the truth and bam, it's over. The mangaka could've easily extended the story with a 7th chapter, or even a few extra pages, which would've allowed for a better ending, and more satisfying read.
CastleRead Rating
Well I'd be damned. XD I'm glad I'm not him, good luck mc.
PennyDreadful Rating
Super cute! Art is awesome. Childhood friends and a brother triangle! Looking forward to more of this series.
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