User Reviews For: The Virgin Stranded in a Brothel -Forced into Prostitution-


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andiekae Rating
I honestly wasn't sure how I'd feel about this one initially but I ended up really liking it! The art is lovely and the story isn't quite as dark as the title might make you think. Honestly my only gripe was that we didn't get more of an epilogue or something at the end but it was still super cute!
ShyCutePinkVag Rating
I love all of Nao-chan's work, she's amazing with the artwork and everything. I had to read this because I'm a VIRGIN toooooo and I wish I were trapped with that guy who looks kinda like Itachi so he can do all those things to MEEEEE^^ ~ Nao-chan's artwork is always beautiful and will get your panties wet and keep them wet with no problem! =^_^= and get you all hot and bothered ~ so read this especially if you can relate to it, the female main character YUI is a VIRGIN who's always nervous and scared to have sex-like meee^^ so yeah ~ read this okay because it's awesome. This is like my third account here, the first one was LemonMasochist but I always forget passwords & I think I deleted it for some reason lool ~ anyway I made this new account just to read her latest manga-which is this, 5 stars I loved it.
Sittinadzra08 Rating
Aaaaww. I love this story soooo much historical is really amazing manga as always i love the story pace and the Art is amazing. But, i somehow feel cliffy. Well, maybe that is how the story is. Deserved a 5star
redundantpig Rating
My goodness... i wish there were more.
AOmanga Rating
Too short
nacin Rating
Nao Tamaki why you know me so well~Reallllyyy like the art.The guy looks like Itachi 2.0 xDThe story is good too~~
Hiaya123 Rating
I like the artwork of this manga and would like to see more so please more update!
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