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The Tycoon's Reluctant Cinderella Comic


Callie works at a hotel in Cape Town. On her way to the welcome party for the new CEO, she gets trapped in an elevator with a handsome stranger in a tuxedo. As they wait to be rescued, they get to talking and she ends up falling head over heels for him. However, when they finally arrive at the party, she realizes that she was trapped in the elevator with the CEO himself! Upon finding out that she's an employee, he suddenly turns cold and walks away. Did he think she was trying to seduce him?



Simmering in the Tea House -What a Wonderful Technique- [Total ch. 3] Completed Comic

AuthorMon Oumi

Yukino Yamaoka, who works at a Japanese sweets shop run by her grandmother, happens to meet her childhood friend, Kazutoshi Hojo, who is from a household that specializes in tea ceremony. Being the son of a well-established tea ceremony family, it was natural that he would turn into a handsome man who looked especially good in traditional Japanese clothing. But, wait... What's with this sudden marriage proposal? There seems to be a sweet love story behind this!


An Inconvenient Marriage Comic


Christa's father's gambling debt has put the prestigious Liddiat family in jeopardy. One particular bet puts him at risk of losing everything until Ross Donahue offers to save him...under one condition. Ross will marry Christa or her family will suffer. A marriage without love is not what Christa wants but she is left with no choice to prevent her father from going to prison. Their wedding day comes, everyone congratulates their happy marriage and they share, not one, but two kisses! Can a marriage without love be a happy marriage...and is theirs really without love?



Rebel's Bargain Comic


Don't let him be dead... Five years ago, Poppy chose to separate from her husband, billionaire Orsino Chatsfield, who loved dangerous adventures too much. However, when Poppy learns he's been caught in an avalanche, she rushes to his side, fearing the worst. She finds him gravely injured, yet his tone with her is cold and biting. She tries to leave, thinking that it was a mistake she was summoned, but before she can depart, he asks Poppy to take care of him. In exchange, he promises to finally grant her the divorce she's been asking for...



Passionate Betrayal Comic


Marie took one look at the guest her grandfather had brought home and gasped. It was Rayner...the man she'd met seven years earlier and had been unable to forget. At the time, she'd fallen in love and given him her virginity. But a careless remark he made led to a quarrel, the police showed up and they went their separate ways. Marie had since moved in with her grandfather in France. Rayner didn't seem to recognize her now. But for Marie the reunion was dredging up past emotions. How could she have known that the "chance" reunion had been a setup from the start?



Devil and the Deep Sea Comic


Billionaire Roche Delacroix reigns over a Caribbean archipelago and is the grandson of the legendary Devil Delacroix. He also has his sights set on Samma. When her stepfather loses a bet and tries to use Samma to settle it, she reluctantly agrees to Roche's offer. He suggests Samma be his wife for one year for his daughter's sake, and if she does, he'll give her enough money to pay for college. But what's waiting for her at Roche's home is a curse! Roche ignores Samma and his beloved daughter and devotes himself solely to his work. Does he have someone else on his mind? Is that why he's avoiding the two of them?



Love in the World of Adult Videos -Private Screenings with the Boss- [VertiComix] (Current ch. 12) VertiComix Hot


Now in vertical-scrolling,full-color VertiComix format!
"Why am I watching this with a man I just met...?" Satsuki works hard, enthusiastically leading an all-female adult film development team catering to women. She gets in a random argument with a handsome man critiquing her work and winds up watching dirty videos alone with him. But, it doesn't end there... The next morning, her company introduces a new supervisor, who turns out to be...!


His You-Know-What Is Way Too Hard! Comic Hot

AuthorRoca Kato

Mei isn't a big fan of Nanato Kiryuu, the hottest guy in school. Despite his nice guy persona, she's caught him fooling around with several different girls after class! One day, she sees him sleeping in the nurse's office and discovers a huge secret. When she tries to flee in a panic, he admits the real reason behind his actions! He says she can't tell anyone, but... what's a girl to do!?


Perfect Darling (Current ch. 2) Comic

Daisuke's the young president of a small modelling agency and the potential model he's keen on is Subaru... a perfect, yet passive high school student with good looks, immaculate grades, and a rich family. But, what happens when Subaru starts to want Daisuke really badly...!? This is a love comedy about turning a guy into the next top model.


Michael's Temptation Comic


The three West brothers want to help pay the medical bills their housekeeper, Ada, has accrued in her battle with an incurable disease. But the only way they can access their inheritance is for all of them to marry. The youngest son, Michael, worked for the special forces and decided to marry someone after he got back from his mission. He went to Mexico to rescue a pastor named Alyssa who had been captured by guerilla forces. At first it seemed like they were just too different to understand each other, but as they fled through the dense forest together, they discovered all they had in common...



When the Cherry Blossoms Bloom [Plus Bonus Page] Comic

Professor Kaoru Usami is stuck in his past, unable to move on after his beloved Professor Katsuragi passed away. Even on campus, people see him as cold and unfriendly. But, one day, his top student Takumi Nanase says he'd like to work for Kaoru...!!
Takumi's unabashed affection opens Kaoru up, but he sees so much of his old crush in Takumi that he doesn't know what to do. There was a reason Takumi wanted the job, though... What will happen to these two as they intertwine like the roots of the cherry blossom tree?

Includes a bonus page exclusive to Renta!


An Indecent Professor's Love Advances (Current ch. 5) Comic


"I can't forget that beautiful body of yours! ... Won't you let me touch you again tonight?"

Love is annoying! Iori is generally known by others to be an unladylike girl who has given up on love. Then, Dr. Mano, a handsome, oddball of a medical examiner suddenly talks to her. He isn't normally interested in living bodies, but for some reason, he has taken an extreme interest in her "good frame", and keeps following her around! One day, the doctor desperately pleads with Iori to let him see her "beautiful frame up close". She reluctantly accepts, thinking that it would be better to get it over with. Then, as he's looking at her frame in his examination room he suddenly...! "Why are you licking me!?" Even if they didn't like it, if you continue touching anyone like that, they'll end up feeling good...!!


All Roses Have Thorns [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic


Hikaru and Ryu were classmates in art college and have been friends for twelve years now... But, ever since winter ten years ago, Ryu's confessed his love for Hikaru multiple times. Each time, Hikaru's managed to dodge giving him an answer, and they've continued to be good friends, but when Ryu, who's an artist now, is dodged for the tenth time, he pushes Hikaru away by saying not to come back if they're just friends! This is an elegant, pure love story spanning ten years between two guys in their thirties. One is an elite artist who lives in his own world, and the other's a ditzy guy from a rich family in Kyoto!


Last Chance Marriage Comic


Clemency can't believe her eyes! She caught her husband and her best friend in a tender embrace. Unable to bear the sight, Clemency flees and ends up on the banks of the River Thames where she meets a man. They grow close over an intimate conversation, and their lips graze in a faint parting kiss before they go their separate ways... Five years later, she moves into a new house. When she sees her neighbor, her heart begins to pound. Why? It's the man from five years ago.



Her Unforgettable Royal Lover Comic


Dominic, an inspector for Interpol, is astonished to learn he is the Grand Duke of Karlenburgh, a country that no longer exists. This exciting historical discovery was uncovered by a woman named Natalie in an old document, and his identity is soon broadcast to the whole world. He's completely unable to continue his job as an inspector. He moves to Hungary with complicated feelings, but who should appear before him but Natalie? She's completely lost her memory and can't remember anything other than the words Grand Duke of Karlenburgh. And now it falls to Dominic to look after her!



It Takes a Rebel Comic


Alex is the heiress to a high-class department store. She's working hard to distinguish herself from her parents' success, but when she meets Jack, the manager of a new advertising agency, she instantly dislikes him. He's messy and shameless and tries to seduce her. Alex doubts he's capable of doing the work her family's company requires. Just when Alex decides to report the situation to her father, Jack nails the day's presentation. He's a mystery...and incredibly hot!



To Catch a Bride Comic


Kalli ran away from the marriage arranged by her Greek grandfather on the day of the wedding ceremony! Later the man who should have been her husband, a millionaire named Nikolos, hires her to restore his mansion. She accepts the project as a way of apologizing to him, but it's actually Nikolos's way of getting revenge for his wounded pride! And even though Kalli is the one who ran away, she soon starts to fall for his overwhelming charm...



Love Debut Comic

One day, Hina asks out Suzuki, the guy she's always had a crush on. Everyone thought he'd turn her down, but for some reason, he accepted. Now they're an official couple! But since Hina's never dated before, she doesn't know what she should do in order to become "lovers." On their first date, she is so nervous that she can't carry on a conversation. What'll she do if he decides it's no fun being around her!? She loves him so much, she can't tell him even half of how she feels... She wants to hold his hand, kiss him, and even sleep together! She wants to experience everything with him! This is a manga compiled of cute, sexy love stories!

50% OFF

See You in Your Dreams [Total ch. 18] Completed Comic Hot


When his father dies, Shuji Machiya goes to the house his father was renting to collect his possessions. There, he meets his father's mistress, Sakie, who's been waiting this whole time for his father to come back home. Sakie's popular with the men in the neighborhood and it turns out that she's actually a hungry succubus who later appears in Shuji's dreams to suck him dry!! How will Shuji survive living with her...!?


Iori and the Beast [Plus Bonus Page] Comic Popular

AuthorRie Honjoh

Half-beasts and humans both live together in this world, but species don't usually mix romantically...

Iori is a social worker who helps half-beasts live with humans. He's got a good heart, but he's scared of love. One day he meets the wolf writer, Tsuneaki Gora, in order to introduce him to the orphan wolf boy, Riku. Iori immediately feels something for the wild and hot Tsuneaki, and Tsuneaki seems to like him, too... or, at least his scent, anyway...!!
A heartwarming love story about a shy child wolf and two cute guys who are awkward in love.

Also includes a bonus page exclusive to Renta!

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