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My Dream Lover [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus] Comic Hot


Currently single, Arata Mikeya's days are spent busily working as a tech support officer at a college. His job mainly involves fixing the school computers, and when he finishes work, he goes straight home to sleep. Rinse and repeat the same routine. However, after Arata receives a confession of love, his daily routine breaks down. Lacking self-confidence, he doubts the sincerity of that love, but...
Includes bonus pages exclusive to Renta!


Bodysuit Fetish [Plus Digital-Only Bonus] Comic Hot Popular

Don't let the cute face fool you... This guy's a complete pervert!! Yoji Kuroe, a graphic design student at Mishima Design Academy, approaches fashion student Toma Kishida to request some cosplay costumes. However, the price - $1,000 - is a bit out of Yoji's range... That's when Toma makes Yoji an offer he can't resist: he'll waive the fee altogether if Yoji models for him. Yoji agrees and ends up in... skin-tight full-body spandex...! Thus, a mutually beneficial(!?) arrangement escalates into a skin-tight, heart-throbbing battle of wills!
Includes four digital-only pages.


Rich, Ruthless and Secretly Royal Comic Hot


One night, Hani, a teacher on a small tropical island, suffers from a fit at a local festival. A man named Kelt with cold, beautiful copper eyes and a strong body offers to help her. Even though she swore she'd never love again, Hani feels her heart throbbing fast. She's the princess of Moraz, who had to leave her country after she helped commit a shameful crime. With such a secret, such a past, she doesn't have the right to love anyone...



The Pure-Hearted Wolf's First Love [Total ch. 2] Completed Comic Hot


Akiharu is a quick-tempered high schooler who loves to fight. Descended from werewolves, he has a troubling tendency to sprout wolf ears and a tail when he becomes excited. Besides his family, his best friend, Yukino, is the only one who knows. Laid back and popular with the girls, Yukino couldn't be more different from Akiharu, but he is strangely comforted by his friend's presence. One day, Akiharu visits his werewolf cousin, Chikage. The moment Akiharu enters the room, he sees Chikage on top of another boy in bed! Akiharu has no experience with romance, much less between men. Blushing, he heads to Yukino's house... The second installment in the series "A Feast for the Wolf In Heat"!


I Never Taught You That! [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic Hot

AuthorNerima zim

Masaki Tsuji is a divorced high school teacher in his early 30s. Lately, he's been running into a groper on his train ride to work. At first, he thought it was a mistake, but once the hand reaches around the front, things start to escalate! Then a voice whispers, "You're cute, Mr. Tsuji." He can't stop thinking about the perpetrator all the way to school. When Sohta, a student who usually gets good grades, hands in a blank test sheet, Masaki calls him in for a talk. They meet after school, and once Sohta confirms that they're alone, he goes in for a kiss! Sohta whispers to a panicking Masaki out of the corner of his mouth, "Have you been getting groped on the train recently?" Sohta ties him up and starts playing with his body...! This is a secret school love story between a handsome student and his 30-something teacher!


Stuck Between a Sexy Rock and a Hard Friend [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus] Comic Hot


For years now, Sakai's been nursing a crush on womanizer Nishimura. Every time Nishimura breaks up with a girl, he comes crying to Sakai, who hears him out... and in turn, has no choice but to "relieve" his stress and frustration by turning to his friend-with-benefits Kitada. One day, not long after Nishimura broke up with his girlfriend, Sakai sees him walking with a new one and can't contain his aggravation! As usual, he works out his feelings by getting with Kitada, but he forgot to lock the door, and Nishimura walks in, catching them in the act...!
Includes a bonus page exclusive to Renta!


My Dearest Cop [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic Hot Popular


Seiji Tajima is a single, forty-something shop owner who's close friends with police officer Shin Nakamoto. Shin, who's just been assigned a patrol in Seiji's neighborhood, has known the older man since he was in high school - back when Seiji himself worked in the police force. Shin's harbored a crush on Seiji for years, but has convinced himself that their relationship is as good as it gets - until one day out of the blue, Seiji casually mentions the possibility of trying his luck with men... His simmering feelings suddenly brought to the boil, Shin shoves Seiji up against the wall, and... From the author of the hit comic "An Innocent Puppy Meets a Two-Faced Cat" comes a new spin-off!Can Shin, who's held a 10-year-long torch for the (too) laid-back Seiji, win in this game of love?


The Brawn and the Brain -My Sweet Love Life with Twin Brothers!- (Current ch. 6) Comic Hot


"I can't get it up...? What's wrong with my body...!!?" On the day after his birthday, naughty high-schooler Yuki finds out an astonishing truth: he's not actually related to his older twin brothers, Rai and Mei. Has the shock of this discovery made Yuki impotent!? Yuki's feeling down and is worried about his erectile dysfunction, but the silly, macho Rai and smart, caring Mei offer to fix his problem by bathing with him. The three of them in the bath together reminds Yuki of when they were kids, but suddenly, Rai's hand reaches for Yuki's crotch! What's worse is, Yuki, who couldn't get an erection from looking at girls, gets rock-hard from his brothers' foreplay!


Red: My Superhero [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus] Comic Hot

Chitose Aoyagi is a returnee from France. At his new school, he's reunited with Tasuke Akayuge, his childhood nemesis... a traumatic trigger he wishes he'd never have to deal with again! Why traumatic, you ask? In 4th grade, Tasuke not only stole the coveted Gad Red role in the school play, but he was the pervert who stole Chitose's first kiss! In Chitose's mind, "he's not 'Red' at all!" But, Tasuke quickly becomes popular and even gets chummy with Chitose's best friend, then professes his feelings for Chitose and does dirty things to him! Chitose feels all mixed up and doesn't know what to do...!
Includes bonus pages exclusive to Renta!


My Quilt and My Coffee Table -I Can't Believe They Saw the First Time I Played with Myself...- [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic Hot


"My sex partners... are my quilt and coffee table!? Spirits that have inhabited objects take physical form!! Played with gently by my loving quilt, ravaged passionately by my favorite coffee table..." ...Yukiko has too much to drink one night after work. Her coworker takes her home and turns into a wolf! Just then, someone appears to save her... It's a mysterious man dressed in a kimono! Unbelievably, it seems he's the spirit of her quilt. Yukiko's taken aback at first, but he knows all of her erogenous zones, and...! Melting deep inside, he makes her cum again and again with his gentle, loving touch... ...Next up... is her coffee table!? Another spirit appears, this one jealous. With his passionate kiss, Yukiko's body runs hot from her head to her toes...


Sex at the Ends of the Earth [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic Hot


Izumi Hasegawa's bike cuts through the silence of the night. A man in a car is chasing him - Masao, a loan shark. When Izumi agreed to be his friend's guarantor, he didn't think about it too much. He didn't expect to get into trouble. So when Masao catches up to him at the entrance of a sleazy motel, Izumi still thinks the debt isn't his problem. Masao seems to enjoy demanding Izumi have sex with him... This is a powerful new story from Kazusa Naruse, author of "How to Make Your Cross-Dressing Boss Cry Out" and "30 Days With a Frivolous Guy"!! A dramatic road-movie-style take on yaoi romance!


Umegatani Boys' High School -Romance of the Dark Princes- Comic Hot

Haruka Ichijou became the school's kingpin because of his princely good looks and wild aura. For some reason, something about Mario Sena from class 1-B - the only class not under his thumb - intrigues him. The two go to the roof to settle things man to man!! ...Until Haruka makes a very unexpected advance...! Also included is a story about a quiet tough guy and his younger childhood friend, as well as the story of a loyal underling and a cool beauty. This is an anthology about love so sweet it hurts bewteen deliquents in an all-boys school!!


Our After-Hours XXX Comic Hot Popular

Kaname Kurosaki: 28 years old and in the prime of manhood, working as lead programmer on the development team. Good at his job, not so good with women... and sexually frustrated every day. The one who helps him with that is his co-worker, Yuki, the lead producer of the planning department. Kaname and this sparkly-eyed "prince charming" have a history of jerking each other off in the office late at night. They both like women, but they can't help using each other for some sexual release. Kaname doesn't think much about what they're doing, but Yuki gradually begins to escalate things. One day, Yuki asks if they could try something different, and starts playing with Kaname's ass...! Now the "prince" of the office is opening Kaname's eyes to a whole new world of sex! A princely sex-fiend paired with the office hotshot who has plenty of sexual desire to spare... This is a wild and smutty love story!


Time to Be Annoyed Comic Hot

"You've shown me a lot of new stuff, right? So, show me how to have sex." Hayato Konoe, a rich boy who knows nothing about the world, gets attached to the listless Keiichi Hikami. Though Keiichi finds Hayato annoying at times, he continues their purely physical relationship. However, he eventually can't "hold back" once the sex stops......


A Friend in Need [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic Hot


"Masa's not here... Should we be doing this...?" Akane is a bespectacled, mobile game-obsessed boy who is best friends with beautiful ex-child star twins Riichi and Masato. The three of them are bound by a deep, dark secret and a pact to help a "friend in need" - both in and out of the bedroom. But when Riichi fails to enter the same high school as his brother and Akane, their relationship begins to change. Can Riichi, who's had feelings for Akane from the start, win against his brother and cross the finish line with the object of his affections...!?


Our Little Secret (Current ch. 2) Comic Hot


"The girl I fell in love with is actually a guy!?" Shino Kagawa's never had a girlfriend in his entire life. He dreams of a relationship like in a romance manga. Because he's been bullied by his three older sisters, he's a little scared of girls. But, the very pretty girl he meets at his job, Yuki Seto, is really easy to talk to... How does this sudden romance end for Shino? He wanted a girlfriend, but got himself a boyfriend!


A (Student) Teacher's Job Comic Hot


A very passionate teacher-to-be, Takuma Inumaru, meets a very mature-looking rebellious student, Seiya Kizaki, while he's a student-teacher. Takuma struggles to make Seiya, who's always cutting class, reform his ways and attend lessons. But Takuma's actions bring out the sadistic side of Seiya...! Seiya pushes Takuma down and whispers to him, "Lookin' at you makes me want to make you cry." In the end, Takuma ends up whimpering for more...


My Fiance Did Me in Front of My Boyfriend... [Total ch. 2] Completed Comic Hot


Touched so intimately for the very first time and wracked with guilt and pleasure in front of her boyfriend... A strange boy spies on Juri as she's about to lose her virginity with her boyfriend at school. When she was a child, Juri's father promised his boss that his son would marry Juri one day. She finds out that this engagement was, in fact, not a joke. Completely ready to turn the boy down, who should appear before Juri but Shogo, the guy who'd spied on her with her boyfriend. "You wouldn't want to ruin your father's reputation by revealing your infidelity and breaking this engagement, right?" Threatened, she's forced to re-enact her first time, with Shogo and in front of her boyfriend...


A Genius Can't Understand This Stupid Thing Called Love!? [Total ch. 2] Completed Comic Hot

AuthorDamu uroco
Publisherwwwave comics

"Try and prove this thing called love, a thing that can't be confirmed by logic or science." Sousuke Tachikawa the genius wants me to go out with him and show him what it feels like to be in love......!? ...Riona's first time ever asking a boy out ends up a disaster. The chemical room was supposed to be empty but it turns out that they weren't alone...... "Good for you. Failure breeds success, right?", says Tachikawa, the boy genius. When Riona gets angry with him for showing no understanding of love and relationships, he tries to kiss her, saying he knows how to make a baby......!


Bad-Boy Nanny -Raising a Baby with My Teacher- Comic Hot

He smokes and fights at school... He cooks and cleans at home... Aoi's a girly bad-boy! But, he's looking to shake up his monotonous daily routine. Then, one day, popular teacher Mr. Sawamura blackmails Aoi into moving in with him and taking care of a baby! But is Sawamura really a creepy pervert...? Love and child-rearing, with an age gap!

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