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Hypersensitive After Long Time No Sex! :Can I Hold You For the Times I've Held Back? [Total ch. 13] (Current ch. 5) NEW Comic

When was the last time we had sex!?After a conversation about romance with her co-worker, Mitsuko, who's around her thirties became aware that she is sexless. Even though she was busy with work, she has been living together with her younger boyfriend for three months, and to think they haven't even done it once...!? Thinking it will be bad if this continued, she tries coming onto him, but... The usually gentle boyfriend turns into a beast...!? He kisses her hungrily, and forcefully strips her on the sofa. "Just leave it to me." He says, as he looks at her provocatively, licking her place, which became wet from his fingers... No good! It feels so good, I'm coming again...!!


Coming Together (Current ch. 17) NEW Comic

AuthorAsuka Sora

The childhood friend I loved in junior high school and high school has suddenly moved to the apartment right across from mine! I'm dead-set on hating him, yet the memories of how much I longed for him in the past are slowly coming back, and... wait a minute. How did I end up in his room...!?


Do You Hate Muscular Gentlemen?-Built for Her Pleasure- (Current ch. 12) NEW Comic

Nao, a 23-year-old office worker, grew up as the one girl in a household where her three brothers and parents were all obsessed with muscles. Nao managed to find a job and leave her house of meatheads, but is forced to return home when her office is struck by layoffs. However, she gets pissed off and runs out when she discovers that her room has been invaded by her brothers. Her big brother, Subaru, runs into the park to get her, but their argument is broken up by 35-year-old associate university professor Asuka Himori. The two of them end up meeting again at a marriage mixer and they end up hitting it off. Tonight's their first night together... but when Nao sees Asuka's naked chest, she can't help but run away at the sight of his muscles...!! No one said that a serious professor would be that muscular!! And it's not just his body, but his personality, too!?


My Boss Comforted My Broken Heart -His Tongue Is So Forceful- (Current ch. 3) NEW Comic

"I'm going to be your first man, Ichika." Ichika gets dumped by her boyfriend on the day of their first trip together. A man who was watching her getting dumped offers her to be her pretend boyfriend and go on a trip with Ichika. He has a sharp tongue and is mean to Ichika, but he holds her so gently, and melts her body... Ichika thinks it is just a one-night stand, but she meets him again at an unexpected place...


The Savage Primate -You Can't Mate with Your Trainer!- [Total ch. 7] (Current ch. 3) NEW Comic

AuthorNori Aosa

Yui is a pet groomer who's great at taking care of animals. However, some of her customers bother her by nosing into her love life and treating her like a child due to her short stature.

That's when Shinshi, a man with a sinister face, suddenly turns up asking her for help with his cat. Shinshi desperately wants to be a good owner, but he's unsure what to do, so Yui decides to give him one-on-one cat training.
When Yui obliviously lets her guard down during a home visit, Shinshi's manly instincts reveal themselves! She tries to resist, but his touch feels so good, and is so intense, that she can't hold back any more!

This beast-like man has no concept of personal space. However, under Yui's warm, tender care, he starts to change little by little...


Stockholm Seduction -Entranced By Your Innocence- (Current ch. 4) NEW Comic


Working at a vintage cafe was Yuka's pride and joy. It also was how she met Kyo. In fact, Yuka began to eagerly anticipate him walking in at his usual time each day... until her father's crippling debt came to light, that is. The resulting whirlwind turned her life upside down, and Kyo was at the center of it. However, this Kyo seemed completely different from the strong, silent man she knew from the cafe. What's more, he had underlings who called him "sir" and "boss"... Was Kyo a yakuza all along? Was that kind smile just a mask? Who is the real him...?


Fake Love -One Climax for Each Crime- (Current ch. 11) NEW Comic


Rinka, a slightly stubborn university student, and Miku get into trouble with a notorious group of frat boys right as she starts school. Surrounded by multiple men, her clothes are torn off, and she's put on show...! The two are rescued by a blond exchange student, Conrad, and his bodyguard, Yato. Conrad mistakes Rinka as his first love. She knows it's wrong, but Rinka starts to fall for him and plays along. This love story that's begun with a lie starts to get tangled up... It's the start to a dramatic love story!


A Dangerous Warmth in His Gentle Touch [Total ch. 6] (Current ch. 5) NEW Comic


Uiko finds herself working a new job at a cat cafe after a certain incident. Unfortunately, she doesn't feel like she's going to be getting along with her coworker, causing her to feel stressed every day at work. That all changes, however, when her coworker shows her how sweet he actually is. Uiko keeps telling herself that she's never going to let that happen again, but no words can rid her of the fear embedded in the depths of her heart, robbing her body of its freedom.


Look at My Eyes and Cum [Total ch. 10] (Current ch. 5) NEW Comic


"Good girl... I'll stroke deep inside you." Hearing the owner's voice is enough to make me wet...! Doms feel fulfilled when giving orders, and Subs feel fulfilled when given orders and praised. Anna, a self-supporting student, is neither Dom nor Sub. Because of her nature, she's hired at the high-class cafe for Doms and Subs, Liberte. Every day she worked under the store owner Chizuru who possessed extremely strong Dom pheromones, but one day, her body suddenly started reacting to his body...!! ""Your body is waiting for my orders, isn't it?"" I want to be praised, I want to be ordered, I want to be conquered through and through... Why do I want him...? This is as if...!!"


My First Time: Rough Sex with a Blond Delinquent! [Total ch. 27] (Current ch. 5) NEW Comic

Mako is reunited with her first love, delinquent classmate Kitou, and ends up at a love hotel with him. Even though it's her first time, can that super-sized dick of his make her come?


Outside of the Office, My Perfect Boss Turns Into a Pervert (Current ch. 9) NEW Comic

"How lewd..." He said, as he explored between my legs with his hot tongue. Who knew that the boss I admired was such a pervert...!?

Ch. 1 FREE

Lady-Killer Boss (Current ch. 10) NEW Comic

"I want you to obey me." While he whispers these words, the boss's finger makes my secret place swell... and my insides begin to ache... stir me up more, more, more! Mr. Tsubaki, the Human Resources director, is the most popular boss in the company. And that boss moved into the condo where I live!? I have a certain secret that I try hard to hide, but... "You don't want to get found out, do you?" The boss who wears such refreshing smile at work makes an abrupt about-face! He said, "In exchange for my silence, be my lover." Even though I'd sworn off romance, I was fascinating by this forceful but sweet boss...


Stay by My Side (Current ch. 12) NEW Comic

When Yura opens her eyes, she finds herself stark naked, lying next to her boss, Aoi Isshiki. It all started on her way home, when Yura declared that she didn't want to go back. No matter how much he wanted to hold back because of his position at work relative to Yura's, stirred by her words, he could no longer control his body. At work he's a strict boss, but in private he's a kind-hearted man who sweetly calls Yura by her first name! The popular story written by Miyu Inoue about a secret love with a boss who's just too perfect is now finally available in manga form!


You Turn Me On Non-Stop -My Appetite for My Wife Is Incredible (Current ch. 13) NEW Comic Popular


Manaka ends up marrying her childhood crush, Koh, who is cool and handsome.
But the only reason they got married is because their parents made a promise, as a joke, to marry them and the two of them went along with it. The main problem is, Koh's feelings remain a mystery.

Koh is nice, but whenever Manaka gets close to him, he avoids her and won't even kiss her even though they're married...
But, suddenly she wakes up and he is on top of her! (She's too cute... He can't stop himself...)
Koh's love for her explodes and he can't stop touching her. Koh's has very strong urges and a hidden fetish!? A cherry boy totally in love, will he be able to save his pride...!?


Awakening The Beast Inside Him-My Childhood Friend Turns Into A Beast In Bed!- (Current ch. 7) NEW Comic

PublisherCLAP Comix

Competent and pretty, Yui is a girl who even her coworkers are envious of. She's got a great job, but possibly because she's a bit overconfident, her relationships don't last, and she doesn't have much of a personal life. The one person who's always been by her side is her childhood friend, Akira. He's kind of a pushover when it comes to Yui. She'd always thought of him as a sweet kid, like a younger brother... but when she trips and lands on him and accidentally kisses him, it triggers something in him that turns him into a hungry beast! He wants her body and teases her while whispering into her ear how wet she's getting. He's not the Akira she knows at all...!


Show Me Your Ecstasy -Our Bodies Are a Perfect Match- (Current ch. 31) NEW Comic


Akane's cousin asks her to go on a blind date in her place. The guy that shows up is handsome, rich, and good at his job. Everything about him is perfect?which means he's not in Akane's league at all. But, at the end of the date he invites her to a hotel room to check their compatibility. Akane can't help but enjoy the way he makes her feel.
However, as she tries to move on from this encounter by thinking of it as a one-night stand, before she knows it, this very guy shows up at her office and says he can't forget about how great they were together. Does he want them to become friends with benefits!?


Living Together with a Younger Rich Boy -Every Night Is Just Too Much!!- (Current ch. 34) NEW Comic


Tsukiko always strives for self-improvement and she believes that effort paves the way to happiness. Yet, the man of her dreams was stolen by another woman... A cute younger guy who calls himself "Pyonkichi" gently called out to her in a bar while she was ranting to the bartender. Whenever Tsukiko is feeling down, he gently comforts her. However, when things get intimate, he suddenly becomes aggresively rough! On top of that, he forced Tsukiko to let him move in with her!


I Dream of Being Eaten by Enokida (Current ch. 11) NEW Comic

AuthorKei Saite
PublisherCLAP Comix

Hitomi is unable to forget her ex-boyfriend, Enokida. He plagues her desires; either as nightly illusions of passion or haunting her dreams. One day, after a night of self-pleasure, she finds herself at her office, face to face with the man whose heart she broke six years ago.


Former Delinquent Farmer's Sex Appeal is Dangerous -At Least Let Me Feel You Up- (Current ch. 18) NEW Comic


Your tits are about the size of the melons we grow here... You've grown up in all the right places." He takes her nipples in between his fingers and rubs them all over... She wants to resist him, but why does it feel so good...? Chiaki returns home to the countryside after getting her heart broken. She planned to spend a relaxing time at home, but her parents quickly find her a job! Her work partner is none other than the former delinquent, Daigo, who she's known since she was little...! Chiaki is hired to do PR work to promote Daigo's vegetables, and ends up living with him to do close coverage of his work... Daigo's crass and unrestricted behavior exhausts her from the very first day. In the end, he starts groping Chiaki's breasts while he's half-asleep... Daigo, your breast instinct is way too strong!


I Always Wanted You -An Unarranged Marriage with My Boss- (Current ch. 13) NEW Comic

PublisherKaikan Club

On my long-awaited wedding day, the man standing by my side isn't my groom, but my boss!? I'd wanted my grandfather, my only family, to see me get married and decided on an arranged marriage... or so I'd thought. But, my groom left me at the altar!? My boss offered to marry me instead! Not knowing what to do nor wanting to see my grandfather sad, I ended up marrying him... That night, my boss tells me he's always liked me and pushes me down! He starts kissing me so gently I can't think. I feel so good, I make my way to the bed... and let him take my first time! What have I done!?

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