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A One-In-A-Million Girl Comic


An invitation to a high school reunion leaves Kyosuke reminiscing about a peculiar female classmate who would read the same book over and over again - despite saying how boring it is. Even so, the more time Kyosuke spent chatting with this girl, the more he realized he was in love for the first time. One day, just like that, the girl was gone - leaving Kyosuke with a copy of the mysterious book and her words "You can become anything you want" echoing in his mind. Ironically, after becoming everything except what he wanted to be, an older Kyosuke recalls the fleeting kiss he shared with his first love - and with the reunion around the corner, finds himself eager to confront the lingering feeling that had remained dormant his heart for so long.


Maidroid vs Cybermonster ( Current vol 2 ) Comic


At the international security center known as "STAR," computer specialists are working around the clock to prevent networks from being infiltrated by viruses and other cyber crimes. Sky, STAR operator and the son of the facility's director, spends his days battling against cyber-terrorism with the ultimate weapon - cute and sexy CG life forms known as a "Maidroids!" Discover how Maidroids and their dedication to their cause in cyberspace keep our everyday existence safe!

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