User Reviews For: A Peaceful Dungeon Life


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Mire97 Rating
Love it!! Gimme more! Lol it's a hilarious story about a not so scary dungeon master and her amusement park. It's good but I need more chapters. Worth the dollar.
Bunbunsenpai Rating
Made an account just to read this story and I gotta say it's a really fun read!
ebookrenta0vmvorvlx Rating
I really like the characters. You have a naive mc and a motherly supporting role. I just wished they'd have more than 2 chapters. So far there isnt much of a plot but just the introduction.
Aili Rating
Ren Hirose does it again! Decided to give this a go when I noticed one of the authors' name worked on one of my favorite mangas on Renta. I wasn't disappointed. It's a super fun read with another quirky, strong female protagonist that gets things done her own way. I can't wait to see what adventures and shenanigans she gets herself into.
JeReMy Rating
Really nice manga.
Nyltiac Rating
Fantastic! It's warm hearted and interesting, with a fantastic plot and believable characters! It's a 100%must read
KyoSaki Rating
Just Great ?
Nopeachesforme Rating
I am absolutely loving this series! Very worth the money, and I plan on buying each new chapter as they release!
Acer Rating
It's a great manga, the only bad point is its slow to update, but it's still a great read.
ebookrenta00lxdrm2h Rating
Oh, this one is pretty good XD i like the fc's potentials and amazing work.. Please more.