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Love Was There That Summer [Plus Bonus Page and Digital-Only Bonus] Comic

I want you to desire me, not the guy I was in my previous life.
When Ryouta Sakaue heads to his home town over the summer break to liquidate the estate of his deceased grandfather, he meets a sickly young man named Chizuru, with whom he falls in love. But then, one day, Chizuru abruptly disappears...
Then, Issei, a boy Ryouta has known since the day he was born, appears before him. Ryouta immediately realizes that Issei is Chizuru's reincarnation, and the two become a couple. However...
The love of "that summer" was predestined in many ways.
A bittersweet love story between a mostly laid-back college student and his childhood friend who has inherited a love for him from his previous life!
Includes a bonus page and a special page exclusive to the digital edition!


A God's Beloved Falcon [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic

Takashi is a very normal bachelor with a normal office job who's trying to enjoy a peaceful holiday. Suddenly, a man, who is obviously not normal, appears in front of him. He is a god named Swinha who was supposedly Takashi's lover in his former life. Takashi is bewildered by this outrageous story, but when he looks into the the god's face, he can't refuse him. Swinha passionately kisses him and Takashi lets him make love to him with all four of his arms! The all powerful, all knowing god is even good at the art of making love! A fantasy between a dazzling god and normal human man!!


Love Is Probably Around The Corner (Current ch. 2) Comic

31-year-old Akio Ito is totally worn out and has finally quit his job after devoting his twenties to the craft of creating manga comics. He's down and glum when he's reunited with Hiroto Kuma, nicknamed "Kuma", a friend from high school with whom he once enjoyed manga and subculture. A year his junior, Kuma, who is now a bestselling novelist and a single father of young twins, always told Akio that he loved his work.
This is a story of love and salvation involving an easy-going novelist with kids, a self-deprecating former manga artist, and a pair of twins who are full of vibrant energy.


Our Gamble in Bed (Current ch. 2) Comic

Shu goes to a bar to find a partner for a one night stand. There, to his surprise, he finds his arch-rival from high school, Reiji.
Having a grudge against him, Shu lures Reiji to a hotel to get a kick out of him. Although he wants Reiji to get down on his knees and beg him for a good time, neither of them wants to be controlled by the other!!
Reiji offers a bet and...!? To prey or be preyed on, the naughty battle begins!


My Dirty Fantasy Came True [Total ch. 5] Completed Comic


Innocent-faced Yuki gets a personal trainer who sees in him untapped physical potential... Did we mention Yuki loves to fantasize, and his trainer is a massive tease!?
One day, Yuki visits a gym, having heard about the handsome personal trainer there. He's told himself not to think dirty thoughts, but all hope is gone when he meets the charismatic Masaki, whose allure sends him into a full-blown trip! First comes the teasing, then the sweet dirty talk, then the pleasure from his fingers, and finally, that great big...! Masaki asks Yuki if he's growing his hair out to hide those dirty thoughts. ...Wait. Is this really happening...? Before he knows it, Yuki's signed up to join the gym, and his life of nerve-wracking personal training sessions has begun!


Break It [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic

PublisherIntelfin Inc.

While rural high schooler Satsuki is in the middle of beating up some local punks...
a mysterious man, Hosumi, who's even stronger than him, appears and takes him down! Terrified, he obeys Hosumi's orders and follows him...
back to Hosumi's own house...!? Despite being questioned, he can't wrap his brain around what's happening.
Who on earth is this guy...!!?


Withered Away x Boyfriend -It All Started With a Kiss- (Current ch. 2) Comic


Kazusa Furukawa, a school nurse in his thirties, has completely given up on love, anniversaries, and dating after losing his long-term girlfriend to another man. He began withering away, focusing only on drinking, his hobbies, and his dog. But, when he transfers to a new school to work, he runs into Yuu Mashiro, a florist, who knows of his embarrassing past. But, instead of cheering Kazusa up, Yuu throws himself at him! And no matter how many times Kazusa turns him down, he just keeps coming! Just when he is starving for affection the most, Yuu becomes aggressive and "gets a rise" out of his school nurse.

Kazusa is learning new things about his body. It's a love that goes beyond age between a man in his thirties and an overly positive teenage boy.


Drunk Rendezvous [Total ch. 5] (Current ch. 4) Comic


Masumi Kubota is a university student with delusions of grandeur. On his twentieth birthday, he tries drinking for the first time, because he thinks that drinking strong alcohol is degenerate and cool. But he's gone after half a can and blacks out! His neighbor, Mio, who goes to the same university as him, takes him in. Mio doesn't get drunk from alcohol, but he does get drunk from certain physical activities. Masumi is so jealous of his ability to stay sober that he ends up sleeping with him...!? Mio, the mysterious, alcohol-immune prodigy in bed, decides to help Masumi, the delusional lightweight who turns really cute when he's drunk. Will their drinking practice that leads to consensual drunken encounters develop into love!?


The Beast That Yearns to be Tamed (Current ch. 8) Comic Popular


Arata's a college student working as a "big brother for rent."
One day, he meets his new client, Junta, who looks like a total tough guy!!
Arata wonders if this is some sort of trap to get his money, but what Junta wants is for someone to pat him on the head.
Seeing someone this hot go bright red and be so vulnerable is turning Arata on... Junta's just so adorable... what's going on here!!?


A Hole Craving to be Touched (Current ch. 11) Comic


Souta Miyano has a secret. He's weak when it comes to being played with from behind and desires something other than his finger to satisfy his needs. One night out, he gets too drunk and a coworker comes to his aid. It's then that he accidentally exposes his secret. Little did he know, their time in the bathroom stall that night would be just the beginning of more pleasures to come.


Stringing You Along Comic

Kaoru Kamisawa doesn't have your run-of-the-mill job. He makes his living by cutting ties for people by literally cutting the invisible string that connects them to each other. One day, he meets Hara, who comes to him in desparation to get a woman to stop stalking him. Hara is a little skeptical at first, but gradually starts having feelings for Kaoru. But, Kaoru knows it won't last. His special gift also robs him of his own "red string of fate" that connects a person to the partner they're destined for. Kaoru tries to keep Hara away, but can he...?


Kuroe And The Garden Of Feminine Pleasures [Total ch. 6] Completed Comic

PublisherKiR comics

Sonogi, an employee at the host club "Eden," is in the biggest crisis of his life. He's woken up with female parts in addition to his male ones! After hearing that the number one host at the club, Kuroe, with his beautiful face, baritone voice, and relentlessly womanizing nature, went to med school, Sonogi tries confiding to him in private. Not only does Kuroe wildly misunderstand him, he's weirdly intrigued. Even after hearing Sonogi's story, he's still keen to "study" up on what's happening inside Sonogi's pants! A scary-faced, lovable psychopath toys with a vulnerable, shaved, and untouched new "girl" in this gender-bending romance!


His Partner, the Thoroughbred Omega [Total ch. 5] (Current ch. 4) Comic

Leo Asaka, an alpha male and a second-generation actor, hates it when people say he's just like his actor father. Leo is working hard to make it big on his own when he receives an offer to star in a film to be shot by a world-famous director. He then learns who his co-star is: Eito Yanagi, another alpha male and a second-generation actor who's known for living a scandalous life. The two of them get locked in a hotel room so they can get to know each other, where Leo glimpses a secret about Eito that may change the course of their destiny.


The World Is Invisible From You (Current ch. 7) Comic

PublisherIntelfin Inc.

During the spring of his senior year in high school, Keito tours a nearby college campus and has his heart stolen by the acting performance of Yukichika when his film club's shooting a scene in the middle of falling cherry tree petals...
Yukichika was in the middle of acting out the scene, but since Keito walked right into it, they stopped filming and started searching for a different location.
When Keito asks who he is, he says, "I'm just a creator."
It turns out this chance encounter is what changes Keito's destiny and begins a "love story" in the "world" he lives in...


I Have Money (Current ch. 6) Comic

He's still a virgin on his 30th birthday, and now he's fallen in love... Shinichiro Hirose is a stern businessman who can only boast about how much money he has in savings, and he hires an escort so he can lose his virginity before his 30th birthday. The escort who shows up is a young, polite, pretty, and nice-smelling guy named "Yodaka." Even though he knows Yodaka's a professional, because he's kind and attractive, Shinichiro falls for him. However, Yodaka has a dark past... Is it possible to buy "true love" with money!? This is a love story involving money between a stern, inexperienced businessman with plenty of cash to spare and a male escort with a secret!


Rock Your World! [Total ch. 5] Comic Popular

Hinata's been in love with Hakuba since he was little and they used to perform together... now that they're both grown up though, Hinata is part of the "bad boy" boy band who?for marketing purposes?hates the pop duo Hakuba is in. Hinata's tried to hide his true feelings for Hakuba, but his group leader Takaomi sees right through him. Trying to help Hinata get it together on stage, Takaomi kisses him in front of all their fans during the live battle of the bands!
Read on to see the adorable Hinata try to resist a true bad boy!


A Man Named Souji Takita [Plus Digital-Only Bonus] Comic

Matsuo, a lousy office worker, has a boss who is a bit of an emotionless robot. His name is Souji Takita. His coworkers aren't quite fond of him, but Matsuo admires his work skills. But, there's a rumor festering around him that claims Souji is super sloppy with his intimate life and has boundless drive. There's also Kazuma, who sleeps with his twin brother instead of the man he actually likes. Also, there's a juvenile delinquent that engages in abnormal, violent passion with an average office worker.

This compilation contains everything from sweet to serious love stories and is bound to satisfy.


Too Bad... It's Your Fate! (Current ch. 10) Comic

One day, nightclub host and womanizer Yuto Izumi is suddenly kidnapped by men in black suits. They question him about seducing the fiancee of a certain heir to a business empire and reprimand him for breaking up the engagement... But the heir in question turns out to be Kaname Mikoshiba, a classmate from high school!! Kaname has a proposition for his old friend Yuto. He's willing to forgive him on the condition that he become Kaname's possession. Yuto is confused, and he doesn't know what to think - until he's taken to the Mikoshiba estate where Kaname professes his love to him, gets on top of him, and...!! Don't miss this exciting rom-com!


Anyone! I Don't Care who... Sleep with Me!! -The Hot Student Council Vice Pres. who Only Gets Hit on by Bottoms- (Current ch. 8) Comic Popular


17-year-old Seiei Takamiya has a serious problem. He purposely chose to attend an all-boys boarding school to increase his chances of finding someone to fulfill his needs. And what he needs is a top. So, how did he end up in a school full of bottoms!? Of course, his straight roommate doesn't understand. Check out this hilarious yaoi story of misunderstandings and pent-up desires!


Behind His Smile [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus] (Current ch. 2) Comic

Suzuta's a nurse living in hospital housing designated for singles only. He has to hide the younger half-brother he's been caring for. That is, until Dr. Tomioka discovers his secret. He pleads with his colleague to keep it between them. Dr. Tomioka agrees, but on one condition... that he and Suzuta become an official couple! Aggressive love between a mean-spirited doctor and soft-hearted nurse! Includes digital-only pages.

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