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This Ain't Love! Comic

AuthorAzumi Kana

Who would expect to get sexually harrassed during some boring part-time job!? That's exactly what happens when yours truly (said part-timer Haruka Akizuki) gets sent to a famous writer's estate to pick up his latest work. The guy, a bigwig in the field and sporting the face of a real player (must get laid all the time!) tells me it's not ready. I'm freaking out, trying to get him to write, when he says, "I want a treat when I'm done." Did I hear that right?? And what's this thrill I'm getting, being tied up and... Was that MY voice...!? A dude's never done that to me before! The hell's going on with me...!? These are a part-timer's hard days at the mercy of an eccentric novelist! It's a sadistic, erotic love story from Azumi Kana!


Pleasure Dolls ( Current vol 2 ) Comic

AuthorAzumi Kana

My name is Momo, and I just got kicked out of my house because my mom is getting married again. She sent me to her old friend's house and it turned out to be a huge luxurious mansion! And there live two handsome but weird boys...... I can't believe I have to live under the same roof as them! One of them tries to get rid of me, and the other one tells me to become his...... Hey, give me back my panties! "What're you saying, Momo......? You can't have sex with your panties on." Oh, no...... Am I going to get violated!?

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