The Earl's Daughter Finds Her One True Melody

Fiona is the daughter of an earl who has lost the family fortune. Looking for a way to solve their financial troubles, the family set up Fiona to marry Cyrus Osborne, the second son of a tycoon. As Fiona sets out to meet him, the man who catches her eye is actually Cyrus's brother Kyle, CEO of the Osborne Foundation. Kyle takes her breath away with the soulful music he plays and his ability to put her at ease... There's certainly more to this engagement than meets the eye...!


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The Earl's Daughter Finds Her One True Melody Beautiful British Aristocrats III

Emotions run wild when Fiona finds herself instead attracted to her prospective husband's brother...[128pages]
Pages: 128
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artist : Azumi Kana Publisher : Harlequin series : Beautiful British Aristocrats- 3 -

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