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I Asked Out the Wrong Guy [Total ch. 23] (Current ch. 6) NEW Comic

AuthorChigo Chai

Ever since Naho first laid eyes on Teppei Nos?, a fiery red-haired boy who takes the opposite train from her to school every day, she's had a crush on him. She finally musters up the courage to ask out her first love, but when he turns around, it turns out to be a different red-haired guy instead... and he looks kind of scary, too!! She can't tell him the truth now! What will her mistaken outburst lead to...!?


How to Get a Guy with Glasses [Total ch. 2] Completed Comic


"Don't be so tense." A glasses shop offering "secret services"!? Starting with the chivalrous boss, there's a full slate of dreamy men on staff with a "secret" power over their female customers. A college student named Io falls for one of them, a man named Saeki. It felt so good when he fitted her frames for her... "...What's happening...? I've never felt this before..." Completely under his spell, she gets a job at the shop. But after working alongside him, she sees his true, narcissistic colors... Though the other staff members treat her well, they each have their own "secret" techniques, and... "...It feels too good... I-I can't... resist anymore." So how do you get a guy with glasses!?

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