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sensibletron Rating
It's about a girl and a cat who exist in an extra dimensional locksmith shop and solve people's problems by using magic keys. If this sounds great to you, then you'll love this. Lots of cat-based stories if you are into kitties, too. For the quality of the storytelling, the length, and the art, the price is good too. If you don't like whimsical magic cat jams, then this is probably a pass. Also, what is wrong with you???
PassionDevourer Rating
The stories are really sweet and heartwarming. I'd love to see follow-up volumes featuring move of the dynamic between those two. The mystery they bait us with is fun too.
Weeb4Life Rating
Guide Anna and her master Clavay the magical cat can unlock any lock in exchange for the "key" to the secret behind why the person wants the lock unlocked. These two help out a bunch of people (and cats) with their simple yet very real problems, all of which have equally simple yet meaningful solutions. It's all delightfully touching, heartwarming and whimsical and feels like a Studio Ghibli movie. And there are lots of cute cats, which instantly makes everything 100% more brilliant, because cats. Duh. Both Anna and Clavay are likeable, entertaining and very mysterious, even with hints of their backstory in the last episode, which makes me really want a sequel which gives a satisfying resolution to their story arc. If you like lighthearted fluff, keys, happy endings for good people, and cats, then be sure to check this out. Did I mention the cats?
kronosking Rating
The misadventures and heartbreak as cat owner after cat owner and cat after cat struggles too cope with loss is heartbreaking and bittersweet.