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DarthVader Rating
This is an incredibly sweet story. It's shojo, so nothing naughty is happening. But if you're looking for a tender, slow-paced love story this one is for you.
skyblue Rating
A very sweet slow burn manga about growing into yourself and being in relationship with others. Really enjoying it so far :)
mundieboy Rating
A realistic and relatable portrayal of a romance between a quiet girl and a conspicuous boy in her class. The storytelling is understated and subtle, yet manages to keep me wanting more. Highly recommend to anyone who loves shoujo, but wants something less cliche.
Mangastef Rating
Lovely wholesome story, great art and “feel real” characters, behaviors
Mrsmangame123 Rating
All the fluffy goodness!! These two are so adorable! This is really refreshing. Its not the greatest art style imo or very stylish and very of the moment. Its got a very familiar look and I think that really works with the story pacing. The plain Jane who is not confident whatsoever and the cool aloof jock who is extremely popular. But they're both awkward. They're both new to romance. They're both doing what they think is right and to be true to themselves and they just happen to really enjoy spending time and space together. Its so sweet. Also it does a great job of portraying the messiness of high school life that unfortunately doesn't go away but you get better at standing up for yourself or you don't. Its got layers and it has fluff. I love this and hope she doesn't try to hide their relationship!!!
Signe Rating
This manga needs more love. A realistic, down to earth portrayal of a crush about an ordinary girl liking a nice, stoic boy. Very relatable and nostalgic. Both the MC and lead are likable; if you like a slow burn, slice of life romance, this is for you!
Sana Rating
It's been a while since I enjoyed a Shojo this much, the fl and ml are just so cute and pure, I can't wait to see them being a couple, they deserve it especially tsubaki
Siri Rating
It's sooooo cute!!! I want more already, I wish we could see the schedule update or am I missing it somewhere ??
Hillary Rating
Simple story, but I can't stop grinning the whole chapters. This is your cup of tea if you like a slow romance with a nice characters development.
Rose Rating
This is the cutest manga I've ever read! I'm really glad that Tsubaki is changing little by little and I'm excited to see her character development throughout the story! It always makes my day whenever I see a new chapter!!