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The Wedding Game Comic


Amy's younger sister has been a spoiled queen of high society, and Amy has supported her from the shadows. Amy's willingness to give up on her own marriage to help her sister is linked to the secret reason her younger sister hardly says a word. Amy becomes even more vigilant than usual when she learns that ambitious Ben had plans to marry her sister just to get close to the famous sisters' father. She's heard rumors that this handsome man is the illegitimate son of a duke-he's certainly quite the mystery. But whatever his circumstances, she won't allow anyone to get close to her younger sister just to use her! Amy never imagined that she would become Ben's prisoner!



Miss Winthorpe's Elopement Comic


After her father died, Penelope retreated from polite society and buried herself in her books. But now her older brother wants to take even that away from her! As long as her brother is managing her inheritance, Penelope is bound by his wishes. So she decides to go out and find a husband who will let her do what she wants! Just as she leaves on her journey, a drunk man throws himself in front of her carriage. He seems to come from a good family, though, and he's quite handsome... Penelope recognizes that this is her chance and talks him into marrying her...but she had no idea just who he is!(c)RIHO SACHIMI/CHRISTINE MERRILL


Lady Folbroke's Delicious Deception Comic


Emily was so happy to have married her first love, Adrian, an earl. But after the wedding ceremony, he went to London and never came back. And then one day, three years later, her husband's cousin comes to see her, saying that unless she gives birth to an heir, her husband's lands and title will become his. Without thinking, Emily blurts out, "I'm carrying the earl's child." Now that she's said it, she's going to have to make an heir in a hurry. So Emily heads for London, knowing she's unwelcome there, and is shocked when she discovers the real reason her husband hasn't come home.


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