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Pleasure, Pregnancy and a Proposition Comic


Louisa is the editor of a magazine, and one night she falls for a man named Luke, whom she meets at a party. He looks just like a Greek god, and he steals her heart in an instant... It feels like fate when they make love, and Louisa is overjoyed. But then she finds out that his real motive was revenge! It seems Louisa wrote an article about him a while back and he was just looking for a way to get even. Three months later, Louisa is doing her best to put it all behind her. She's become totally absorbed in her work, but then, out of the blue, Luke appears in her office! She can't seem to resist his magnetic pull...but has he forgotten what he did to her?



Unfinished Business with the Duke Comic


Issy Helligan thought she was over her childhood love, Gio, until he came waltzing back into her life. Coming face-to-face with Gio only brings back memories of how he used her so cruelly. Issy only wishes to forget about Gio, but soon finds herself depending on his help to save her failing theater.



The Tycoon's Very Personal Assistant Comic


Secretary Kate has come all the way from London to Las Vegas to accompany her boss on what she'd thought would be a simple business trip. But it seems her boss has more than just work on his mind-he ambushes her in the shower, looking for a weekend of off-the-clock fun. Kate desperately manages to fend off his advances while leaving a few claw marks in her wake, but now she finds herself locked out of her hotel room in nothing but a towel. When hotel owner Zack Boudreaux comes to investigate the commotion, he finds a scantily clad woman of dubious repute and demands that she get out of his hotel at once. What can Kate do to convince him of her virtue?


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