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Hiaya123 Rating
I love the artwork and feel bad for the main heroine though her story is fucked up. The relationship between the two couple is sweet can't wait for the next chapter.
DokaCharm Rating
I don't like the situation the girl is in.
Flyaway Rating
Ok, this story will break your heart, make you angry, and super mad!The love story is so beaitful, but first. The reason for the girl to accept staying in this disgusting situation, is pathetic, pathetic. I wish the author would have chosen some more logical reason, than the reason it was given in this manga.Secondaly, I only read the first arc, and let met tell you, I despise Reije Narumiya the most, even more than Kieskie.However, I really really admire, respect, and like the new guy, the cousin, Histato, he is the best and he should definitely be the MC. If I ever read the next arc, I would be so disapointed if the MC turns out to be Reije, not Histato. Again, I despise the whole situation and the whole reason that let her accept this miserable life. So, yeah, in conclusion, I really like her and feel sorry for her, but I despise her at the same time for being so weak and pathetic :(But still, the story is worth reading and is very engaging and hence the 5 stars, too bad I can't comment later when I read the other Arcs. PS. The art is so beautiful, Reige is so cute and handsome, the girl looks amazing, and histato looks greattttt!
lisa93 Rating
Omg... It worth every ticket ... It very good art work ... It avery good slave sex erotic and yet kinda havr a princess feel idk... How else to explain it bt it really good i cant wait for the next part to come out
shiseiten Rating
Halfway through what is available at the time of this post, and things are finally a little less sad. The pacing is decent, the sex slave angle is heartbreaking. I'm curious where things will go because in vol. 5 things evolved quite a bit. Characters had more history fleshed out and powerful people make vague plot point comments that make me wonder. It feels like a turning point and I'm interested in where it will go.
crematedstar Rating
Is there a sixth one, because I would love to know some of the unanswered questions from the fifth volume. It starts out a little confusing so I do give it a 4. As the series progresses, some of the actions of the heroine is a little questionable despite her conflict. I am not quite sure how her characterization could be improved (she was a little frustrating to relate to), but I am happy she gotten strong in the end. Despite this, it is a story I think I will read again.
HikaruTanaka Rating
I love this series so far! The art is pretty and the story telling is good too. I want more and it's taking forever to update!
H00Tyhoo Rating
This series has a whole lotta non-con (obviously) so if you're into that this series is for you! There's psychological turmoil about how the MC gets pleasure from all these experiences, but there's also a sweet love story/knight-in-shining-armor thread when the dark themes get to be too much. All in all, the whole thing is pretty hot. A++
serendipitylen Rating
So much ntr and I feel pity for Luna. To be poured with obscenity and taintedness is so much for her to bear. Love the story between her and Naruyama tho. I'm having that Romeo and Juliet love story except there are no families involve its just their love is filled of obstacles that hinders their relationship
frisco Rating
Kind of sad, but a nice read. I hope there's more to come.
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