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Nyanko Rating
Although it aims high, this story fails to realize its potential. This story tries hard to bridge the divide between psychological intrigue and emotional tension using sex, but the characters aren't fleshed out enough to make this work. The missed potential here lies in a sci-fi thread that could've been expanded upon, and the relationship between the two male characters would've been incredibly effective if explored more deeply. The homoerotic undercurrent is probably the best part of the story, and should've been more prominent, because the female character is just blank. The artwork isn't the worst, but it suits the overall story in being a little bit ugly, a little bit beautiful, and very messy. Kudos to the creators, though, because the atmosphere of the story is effective: claustrophobic, unsettling, yet exquisite in its way. Sadly, this is neither intellectually engaging, nor sexually exciting.
Bunnyhop Rating
What a twist to the ending. I really enjoyed this one. Lots of good scenes and interesting characters.
Flyaway Rating
I feel this story is more emotional and deep; it's not about fun and pleasures even though it is what supposed to take place. There is sex every now and then, but you don't really enjoy it, you enjoy the story more. It is written beautifully. I think the ending was alright.
Mistydreamer Rating
This story was quite engaging but I really wish that the ending will be SPOILER ALERT the three of them got together instead of the female lead having or should I say forcing to choose between one of the guy.
pimmyprink Rating
Overall its good, though ending was just an OK, I'd recommend if you haven't read it.
cyanidevii Rating
It was okay. The plot was a bit weird, and so was the ending. I did not enjoy it that much, it seemed a little bland plot wise. Good price for the pages.
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