User Reviews For: Imagination Switch -The Sadistic Teacher's After-School Experiments-


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koolbluie Rating
Now this title is really good. A little bit unexpected at first but quickly becomes hot and naughty with some delicious yaoi action. Now this title is quite explicit (graphic) so get ready to feel really hot and bothered and ready for action once you get started. Definitely worth the ticket (or dollar) per chapter.
AinoKusabi Rating
The teacher is a bizarre man and the student smart but a flake at the same time (not sure how that works), and somehow the dynamic between them makes the story. Basically, this is a typical yaoi smut fest with the whole teacher/student thing. Not my cup of tea, but it was good for a laugh and the eye candy.
Insanebaker Rating
To be honest here, I loved it. Both the story and characters. It shows a poor student, Hitsuji, who worked at the boys bar in order to support his family and was found out by his gloomy, perverted and sadistic teacher, Mr Ichii. Instead of expelling Hitsuji from school, Hitsuji was paid a large sum to sate Mr. Ichii's wild fantasy of lust. As the story goes by, the reason why Mr. Ichii was doing this is because he "have" feelings for Histuji. I can never get tired of reading it over and over.
malcosky Rating
I'm loving the story~maybe because I'm a sadistic freak, haha. It worth the money~go and read it~!
Loveme Rating
Although Mr.Ichii was weird, he was very cute when he was embarrassed. Hitsuji was also very cute, but I kind of felt sad that he was to work for the sake of him and his mother. But that was the way he met Ichii tho!!! Overall it was cute and did not regret making a purchase!!!!!!!!!!
Cuttingedge2 Rating
The relationship between the two is a little awkward but the story is pretty cute and ends happily. It certainly gets you hot and bothered and makes you want to read more. If you want a read with a fluff story but hot action you might be interested in this story.
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