User Reviews For: I'll Have My First Time Within a Week!?


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Otomeluver Rating
This is the piece of work where the main character find out from a fortune teller that her her wick is going to be dipped withing the next week. A fortune teller tells her she will do the nasty will a man with a mark on his body and this cues three potential love interests. Bachelor No.1 The guy who is mature/the senpai of the group. Bachelor No 2. The Childhood friend who is kind of a dick at the start but is really a cinnamon roll. Bachelor No. 3 The Shounen Cute boy or AKA the NO.1 Fukk boi who is really really really friendly with the protagonist. The Protagonist will find out who will "pop her cherry" within the next week but plot twists and page turning writing will occur. You will be surprised who will come out on "top" and will be pressing that ticket button to find out who piles who. Can she trust the hocus pocus of the fortune teller?
Cerridwen Rating
I liked the art and the story was short and sweet but nothing new. The MC is a bit boring because she has no other trades than being nice. I hoped she would develope a deeper realtionship with all three but I guess it is too short for such a thing.
Oranges Rating
Story where a fortune teller is actually right, sign me up fortune teller I want a good guy too
cohen5483 Rating
There were definitely twists that keeps makes you doubt what direction the story was headed so it keeps things interesting. The FMC is a real flake and pushover it was getting annoying because she was so indecisive.
Sittinadzra08 Rating
Wow! Childhood friend love storrrrrrry. I'm iiiin xD yay! I love love this and it's in colored wow! How fascinating. Why did i read this soo late.. Well deserved a 5star.
VioletWolfy Rating
I was do curious about how rhis was going to play out and now I' hooked on this story. I cant get enough!
Kaseymere Rating
I enjoyed this very much. A little crazy and stuff but not bad
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