User Reviews For: There's a Reason Hotel Beds Have Two Pillows -With My Coworker on a Business Trip-


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sweetsake108 Rating
These short stories were all great, I loved the co-worker relationship theme.
Weeb4Life Rating
These short stories cater to 2 specific kinks: co-workers and asshole MLs who hurt FLs (emotionally). The FL is always nice and sincere while the ML is a different flavour of jerk in each story. In the 1st the ML is an immature man-child who can't resist teasing the girl he likes, even if it hurts her, and never apologises. In the second the ML is an abusive sadist who unrepentantly admits to doing and saying things to intentionally hurt and humiliate the FL because he thinks she's cute when she cries (WTF?!). The lack of aftercare is a huge turn-off for me as well. The 3rd ML avoids the FL because he's scared his lust for her might hurt her, but his avoidance hurts her far more. The 4th ML is the nicest of the bunch, the FL takes his apology (for sleeping with her) the wrong way, but he's quick to clear up the misunderstanding. If this sounds like it'll appeal to you then go ahead, the smut is well-drawn, but if this isn't your kink then avoid!
Risuna Rating
Forget the first short story - the second one is BDSM themed & amazing! In all seriousness of an actual review, I like how all the short stories share a theme - that being all the couples featured are co-workers in their mid-twenties. The stories are a mixture of sweet & spicy & a very enjoyable read. Now pardon me while I reread the 2nd story.
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