User Reviews For: My Mischievous Hands Can't Resist


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zeethereddinosaur Rating
This... the end was really adorable!!! At first you would think that this is some cliche story again where the seme always has his way and sometimes gets a little bit too pushy or sadistic or too selfish but no, the seme genuinely likes the uke in an adorable way actually. I love when the uke gave in... he became really clingy and wants cuddles! LIKE, BOI YOU GUYS ARE ADORABLY SWEET in the ending! I love it!
cuddlefit Rating
Love the art style!
fionav3 Rating
This is pretty much just smut so not much of a story. But I reeeeaaally liked that the Seme who I thought was going to be all pushy and getting his way the whole time ended up being a nice guy who really cared about the uke and his feelings. Also, the art was lovely.
cededenis Rating
Love the art, story, and characters. There is so many steamy scenes with a story that goes right along with it. A must read in my book!
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