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peichi Rating
This one really doesn't deserve it's rating. It's not the kind of manga you go into expecting a good story, and it shouldn't be judged on that merit. It's a fine smutty 3p manga, one of the better ones on this site and it's definitely worth it if you like that sort of thing. There's 2 3p scenes, and scenes with each guy individually. The art is great and the story if just enough to carry the sex scenes without getting in the way of them. The smut isn't the spiciest I've seen, but it's not too mild either, kind of in the middle. I felt it was worth my tickets.
Majala Rating
Zero story, hated the premise ... I'm sorry I wasted my money on this
Sighz Rating
Ménage!!!! Smut is so freaking good. Enough story to carry smut, no background & not much development. Still worth purchase & have definitely reread it
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