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MioAkiyama Rating
multiple short stories that are pretty good. and old-school tropes!
HorseObsessed Rating
All the stories are so cute and funny. There is one story I think is unfinished (the last one), I think that one could've/should've been longer. But it's still very cute. There's more humor than I thought there'd be. I recommend this one. ;()
jingleclove Rating
It's got a lot of the old school tropes, but an actually decent cast to pair up with it! It's more of a collection of one-shots rather than a whole volume focused on one couple (the first couple gets additional chapters, which help show their dynamic as being childhood friends who can be a bit dumb with each other haha). Honestly speaking, its a decent quick read, and the art has the bottoms looking feminine so that's something else to keep in mind. Just turn off your brain and don't think too hard about the stories to have the best experience reading it! I was also a big fan of the "when the delinquent puts his hair down and gives off a completely different aura" trope, so look forward to that too.
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