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dejavueyes Rating
There is an interesting twist on how the plot play on. For my taste, it feels like a very hard turn to the development of steamy moments. Other than that, I like how this artist draws the hot moments and the ending was lovely.
utsu Rating
I did not expect this little one-shot to be so wholesome and pure and oh my god the sex scenes were both adorable and spicy. All in all, this was a story about a very healthy budding relationship between two bros. I clutch my chest and cry into my beard, it's so wholesome.
zzzzz Rating
The story is more on the fun side, and even though it does include some heavier themes and topics, it doesn't really go into them much. I like the idea and the way the story progresses, and all the intimate scenes are good, but the characters aren't really that well-rounded, and feel very basic. We don't get to explore their lives very much, which is unfortunate considering this is a story based solely on their relationship. If you want something on the lighter side without too much conflict, this is exactly that, and is more centered on their sexual relationship.
Tinystep Rating
Really cute story. I've reread it several times, and going back you can actually see clues as to how Haruto's feeling, even though it's subtler than Misaki.
zerophelia Rating
Great story about two friends who are confused about how they feel about each other. I love this art style. Enjoyable smut, as well.
thewritinggirl Rating
This was so cuuuuute!!! The art wasn't really my style tho, and there was smut but only one moment when they went all the way but it was just too adorable. Absolutely loved it and it made me smile. It's quite short tho which is annoying, I'd happily read a second book about these guys.
emiller Rating
So cute love this !
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