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animepie Rating
It's smut. Lol. But I love how Tsukasa is such an S and how he teases Natsuki. His expressions are so cute and tempting.
Mmmmmmmm Rating
Its the first one iv read of this service but i really think its good and it drags you in so well would recommend
Bwiszezur Rating
One of the beast yoais I ever read
Shinoshallbugyou21 Rating
What can I say? I didn't like this. I went back to read some of the older series I had read through and couldn't finish at all. Terrible. I love the concept of enemies getting together (A LOT of my OTPs are that) but this just sucks. It is rushed and do NOT read this if you're looking for story of any kind. It is good on the art and concept but it is carried out bad. I do get mildly annoyed seeing the main character in a headband. I get it is to give him a unique, identifying look but...Ok. If you do get this then don't bother reading it. Just look through it for the art and scenes. You'll get 100x more pleasure from it that way. I don't reccomend it at all otherwise and will be moving this one to my 'Trash' bookshelf. Please encourage artists to put more effort into their storylines! I don't like wasting my time or money on nonsense.
ShortyI Rating
Really good standard yaoi manga! If you want something more fleshed out and in depth, I'm not sure if you'd like this, but if you're just looking for something cute then this is it!
darkeyedblues Rating
Enjoyed it
Naomi Rating
Loved it!
eboorenta027ejryim Rating
School setting / Festival .
BiliBili Rating
Love this. They are so cute.
plate128 Rating
It was really good. I recommend this to people who are really into this type of genre. Especially people who love Tsundere's!
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