User Reviews For: Lust Beneath Priestly Robes -Two Monks, A Virgin, And an Inescapable Ritual-


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akazukin Rating
Personally I really enjoyed the story for what it was. This is a short mini shot, but if you want something short like smut AND 3P- with a 3P ending this is it. It at least gives a bit of a story and some emotions with the two guys. ***Spoilers ahead possibly***It involves the heroine falling into basically a cult village with only men. Warning that she does have a scene although brief, with the village men touching her for a purification ceremony (no actual penetration) - that is indeed dubcon. However the rest of the scenes involve a 3P. On the smut...personally I would've liked them drawn out more, but it was short and sweet for me. Comparing this to other stories that could leave a bitter weird taste - I found this light. Just as long as you keep in mind that it'll be fast paced. I'm giving a 4 for what it is - and knocking a star off mostly because I would've preferred more details and drawn out longer and art could be better I suppose. :)
Memily Rating
I'm plenty used to far-fetched plot lines, but this was ridiculous! The main character's outlook on her situation didn't even adhere to the pseudo-realistic attitude shift commonly used in other stories of this sort. Next to no character establishment, and the dialogue felt phoned-in. The sudden time skip at the end was jarring. It seemed like there was supposed to be more story somewhere in there. My guess? Either the editor cut it out to fit a page limit, or the author got bored and just couldn't be bothered. One would hope that at least the anatomy- the focal point of any racy manga- would be passable. One would be sorely disappointed. Don't even bother renting this one. (3/19/17)
peichi Rating
On my quest to find the perfect 3p smut on this site this is pretty good, more of a 4 star honestly but I want to help the rating out a bit. Art isn't great, but it's serviceable and not distracting. Smut is pretty spicy, not the spiciest, but definitely not mild either. Well worth it if you like 3p, if not, then probably not for you.
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