User Reviews For: The Melancholy of the Closet Sweet Tooth


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KagamoneyLen Rating
It was a very sweet story, and the artstyle is very cute! Makoto is just my type too ^q^ I was a little worried when someone said it was short, but I think it was a good length for the price. Of course though, I would like to see more of these two or from the author in the future!
tickeldpink Rating
This was a super sweet story! I was really glad there was no "Oh my god, you're a guy! That's weird!" reveal or anything. Just a nice little story and the art is very nice, as well.
nbyk Rating
Consensual though the age of one of the participants is young, so around 16 or 17
ebookrenta0n62c6m5g Rating
Highly recommended !
apricotmai Rating
Very cute!!!
beelsamaaa Rating
Sweet everything. Worth the buy 'cause I'll be revisiting this one for sure. On another note, I totally feel the sister's pain, lol, and she's cool.
romancereader2017 Rating
A very sweet story with two equally sweet love interests. The conflict is a little cliche, but it works. I know this is yaoi and therefore, sex is usually included, but it seemed unnecessary and rushed in this particular story. Other than that, it was a great read. Would definitely recommend.
Nevyik Rating
I adored how cute and sweet this was. While I wish there was more, the length isn't too short for the story. The artwork is also adorable. I'd love to see more from this artist.
Guest Rating
This is so cute, and so sweet. It's really short, but the title gives you an idea about how toothache sweet this s. For such a short read, it was well done, and the art was very nice. Anyone who likes soft, sweet ,precious love, will really enjoy this.
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