User Reviews For: Gangsters Love a Guy in Glasses


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JesTal Rating
Nicely drawn and cute story
diane Rating
so sweet, i love it. i read all 6.
ImmortalRosie86 Rating
I say under an hour, I began it and finished it (lucky for me the series was completed. If they weren't, I be rolling on the floor, waiting impatiently)! Worth it the read! Great artwork, plot and of course, smexy scenes!
Viviheartfilia Rating
very cute. Can't wait to read the last chapter
cee2spook Rating
Best I have read this far, I can't wait for the next volume to come out! I wanted to give more than "5" stars
Miyachan Rating
I would love to see this series going forward more. I want to know what happen after!!
sofiyasenzaki Rating
Ooooof, i really love it. Me encantó el manga, estoy aprendiendo a usar ese sitio y me está encantando. Espero más mangas de ese autor. ?
ebookrenta0pjfuc48v Rating
It is a great story I think if they make a series make somewhere they can't be banned. Do in Thailand I would watch
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