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deatheatercharlie Rating
The art style is ok. The noses are way too big. But basically this girl leaves her office in a rush at the end of her shift because her crush got engaged. She decides she wants to get picked up by a stranger. So shut happens and the guy she almost slept with shows up at her work. The plot line is like a 70s porno.
HishamXNadzra Rating
Wooaa! This manga deserved a 5star. It has a great story pace and the Art is really my type smooth and calm. It is really hot aswell the smut scenes is at the next level. I love it ??
docteur87 Rating
Funny story and the plot is rather unique. Worth the coins!
iori Rating
Love the art style and the story
kyokobaby Rating
This definitely didn't go where I thought it would go, and that made this story enjoyable. The author is pretty talented in setting you up to expect a common trope but then turns it around neatly. The art is nice, there's some humor but I never thought it veered over into ridiculousness. The characters are fun-- the heroine was relatable and had flaws, but I thought she was also pretty sensible and viewed her situation with self-awareness. I wish the series had been longer so that the author could explore the characters a little more, though, and if you're looking for a story with a firm romantic resolution, this one might miss the mark for you. Personally I didn't mind how it ended, and although I was constantly hoping that she'd end up with two boyfriends, the actual ending was still unusual enough to be pleasantly surprising.
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