User Reviews For: What the Heck! [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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funbrillo Rating
I think this is a good book to rent but maybe not to own. I felt both stories could have been longer with a bit more story development. I actually enjoyed the second one more about the divorced dad more than the first one. I wish the second story had been its own book. There were not as many explicit sex scenes but more story and side characters to catch your attention. The first story about the hot springs club had lots of sex but less story development which is probably why I took off a star.
naniaquien Rating
Cute enough, but both stories are pretty typical romance with straight dudes. Although the first story at least has a very enthusiastic gay uke.
SunnyEWA Rating
These were very cute stories. They each had quirkiness and the characters were fully developed humans with their own needs and wants. Well worth the money I spent on it to own.
teacup Rating
Very enjoyable. Pleasing art, great characters, nice splash of humor. Balanced well with sexy fun-Times. ;)
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