User Reviews For: Oblivious Love Factor [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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Afurou Rating
I love stories when someone is "force" to have sex because of their own lust and not because of any other outside force and this story does it perfectly. The story around it is pretty good but the editing seems a little off. Also I really loved how polished the art is.
biggestrebel Rating
This is actually sensei's first work, and it shows. Their other work on this site is their second and I actually prefer it. This one is good, especially as the first story. I liked the characters, the sex was mostly hot, and their relationship did develop. I wish we coulda seen more w Ichinose's family and see them interact in a non-sexual way some more. Shun kinda annoyed me here and there but overall, not bad Would recommend!
fandomnightmare Rating
Wow, comparing this to SI Mitsuru's newer work is so weird. The art here is good, the story is standard but fun, overall it's pretty good, no complaints. But having seen what their work is like now in newer titles like "Life Ain't So Bad" and especially "Megumi and Tsugumi"... Well, this is great for a first manga but they've definitely improved a lot! I'd still recommend this one, though. SI Mitsuru really is an artist to watch out for!
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