User Reviews For: The Millionaire's Misbehaving Mistress


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Majala Rating
Funny touching and happily ever after
mushrooms Rating
Parts of it were good but it was kind of frustrating seeing the main character being mistreated, especially over a misunderstanding. I just couldn't look past it.
Weeb4Life Rating
This has a lot of humour and a ton of heart. Will has the EQ of a dead goldfish but all the physical (kicked, slapped, pelted with fruit...) and verbal (frequently chewed out for his stupidity) punishment he endures helps to soothe the sting of his hypocrisy (accusing women of only being after his money when money is the only thing he cares about) and hurtful actions. At least he and everyone else realise what an idiot he is. Gwen is every bit the strong and dignified heroine she needs to be to face all the heartbreak and humiliation she endures. She's one of the few FL to never cry, despite everything she's gone through, and she's even willing to put aside her pain to help Will and Evie despite Will's insults. And Evie is so precious! She's Gwen's biggest and most vocal fan. Definitely a must read.
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