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Guest Rating
Personally; it was a very good comic... it really was but the real story didnt last long. But the other 2 short stories was a sport for the main story in side the comic im just guessing. I just wish that the real story was longer. In other words it wasnt that 100 or so pages i wanted.It just really bothed me that paided 500yen/4$ for a story i was highly interested in turn out be a let down;well not a let down per say i was just disappointed is all. Its worth the 500yen/4$ for a 48h or 45h.
biggestrebel Rating
Not the best thing I've ever read but definitely not the worst. I really liked the main story and wish it were longer. The couple jumped into it really fast! Like...second scene fast.Also the dude who tried to get between them was sudden and annoying, but I wish sensei had actually given him a boyfriend lol. The last story was nice, beautiful. Wanted more of that.All in all, not worth the buying price, but an okay read. I prefer sensei's other work that's on here.
Ayranm Rating
thank you for the translation, but translating names as "Tomoaki" between work colleagues sounds wrong in context of Japanese culture. I don't think collegues really call each other by their given names without -san and -kun. This is already the second manga I read today in the website without -san and absence of it makes me really confused about the relationship between leads. I have not read yet more than a chapter of this manga, but they jumped to bed really fast.
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