User Reviews For: Bad-Boy Nanny -Raising a Baby with My Teacher-


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ashley4you1995 Rating
The art is clear and well done. The story kinda starts building a family, which is cute, however I disliked the teachers personality. The students personality was interesting though. I disliked the sex scenes though cause they felt ever forceful.
Mikki666 Rating
I really liked this anime, I though it was a good story line, and the baby was funny in moments.
yukixyuri13 Rating
I loved this. I thought it was so kawaii! I hope there is more. Everything was so cute especially how kanji always got Aoi's attention.
punsnroses Rating
A cute story overall; the art is clear and draws you in to the story and I love the concept. My one personal hangup is the issue of dubious consent between the teacher and MC initially - I think the author could have found a more eloquent way of getting the MC to be a nanny. Still, a fun read and cute enough to be worth renting, but I don't feel it's worth purchasing the unlimited reads version.
kittywoods88 Rating
Adorable baby and uke.
Ibeshippin Rating
That baby is hilarious lol “boobieee”
Mickyl Rating
I can't stand by this manga much, I love the child-rearing part, but the romance is forced. The characters address how they get romantically/sexually involved and the questionable way they get together is dismissed as not being an issue, despite the uke defining their initial interaction as an issue.
StreetUrchin Rating
The story is a lacking, I feel the art and the student makes up for some of it, so I will give it four stars. The teacher himself is what I felt was lacking. I just didn't understand him all that well.
Niyuar Rating
The story is way too rapey. And the adult teacher even denies that he was forcing himself on his student cause he didnot go all the way. There was a strange gap in the personality of the teacher: the carying type who does not want his student to fail class and who does trust his student with an Infant VS the one who does force his student and blackmail him.
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