User Reviews For: I Like Gay Manga, So What?


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techatina Rating
Honestly the first story was cute but forgettable. The 2nd story was terrible! Dubcon is walking a fine line in that one and I didn't feel comfortable reading it. The last one just seemed dangerous to a guys ass! That was uncomfortable to read, too. Really, don't spend 6 dollars on this manga. Just rent if you want a short but cute story from the first couple.
Ltrocks78 Rating
Was very good and funny
hloo12 Rating
The only good story is the first oneThe 2 one was bad and the last one couldn't finish the first two page..
WindyWing15 Rating
For passing the time, this is a nice comedy BL manga to read. I rated 3 for decency since I felt some of the execution was sort of all over the place, and it would have been nice if the development of the other two stories weren't too shallow, compared to how the character development in the first story turned out anyway. Overall it was an ok read with quirky characters tossed in for entertainment.
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