User Reviews For: Put a Collar on It -Humiliated by My Master-


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lightmelody23 Rating
The only reason I'm giving this an extra star is because the girl isn't a complete pushover. But O.M.G. I cannot stress how annoying it was to read this from start to finish waiting for a better development to happen. The man is really abusive, just because the girl didn't feel pain doesn't mean he's not abusive. I dislike the fact that there was no real clear reason as to why he chose the girl. It seemed like stockholm syndrome since the girl slowly fell in love even though she was treated like nothing but a sex toy. The most frustrating part was how the guy just showed her nude self to everyone while he was wearing some fancy ass suit.Tl;dr. Don't waste your money/tickets on this one unless you're a super sadist just looking for s&m themed sex with some exhibitionism.
luxmirabilis Rating
Sensitive readers will appreciate a trigger warning. Extreme D/s, cruelty from the Master, humiliation, nonconsent, etc. There's no "play" here, it's ALL Master/slave abuse fantasy. If you are uncomfortable after the first few pages, it doesn't get much better by the end.
shirai11 Rating
This series is really only for people that practice D/s, M/s. It's really decent but it's fallback was that it was it too short and had an amazing potential to become more than just a one shot manga
SpiralEyes Rating
The art is pretty nice, and its erotic and sadistic, just the way i like it ;) if your sensitive to that kind of stuff, i don't recommend reading it.
alakeshadow Rating
Raunchy and sadistic. Lots of sex. I give it a 4 star instead of 5 because the plot could have been better developed. The ending, while strange, was also somewhat sweet.
sakigake Rating
I know some won't find this type of relationship between the main guy and the main girl acceptable, but I understand them. At first glance, the main guy appears as an a-hole who disrespects the main girl, but he really just doesn't know how to express his feelings. It's true that he can be very possessive and controlling, but as long as the main girl doesn't mind, I don't see a problem with that.
littleponta Rating
Not good. ;( don't waste ur tickets or money. I don't see any romance at all. I don't even know why she comes to like a guy that treat her like a pet...
BMorgan Rating
He treated her bad.
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