User Reviews For: The Wicked Arab -Extravagant Sex with a Millionaire-


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theakaneko Rating
OMG such a cute ending! The characters are really good for one another, the relationship develops nicely from the (not so nice) kidnapping start to true love... very happy I gave this a read
BlueCherry Rating
At first I was conflicted with him becoming a toy, however as the story progresses it started to become something sweet. He treats the uke as best as he could since he has a lack of knowledge of such things so he does makes mistakes here and there. However he realizes it and corrects as best as he can. Sex does occurs a lot for a heads up. But if you like progression, smut, and a sweet yet somewhat complicated love then this story would be a good read. I liked it a lot actually. Glad I bought it.
NyingineKomicsRen Rating
Very interesting story.I loved every bit of it.I was pleasantly surprised by the ending, considering how it begun.Loved the smut.
xxMystBlack Rating
Cute and fun, violence free manga, definitely worth the money
Shena Rating
Good story, Salim makes me mad in the beginning though, because he can't got hurt even after saw uke's cute expression
707lovers12 Rating
It's so adorable at the end qwq omg totally worth it!! I would recommend it to anyone :") at first it's not so lovely but after yes QAQ ITS JUST TOO DAMN CUTE QWQ
Satomiss Rating
really smutty manga I must say. Almost all chapters have sex scenes, not that I'm complaining ( 諭属
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