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Themaine1 Rating
Very good if you like forceful / aggressive type guys. I've enjoyed it so far and hope for more chapters!
akazukin Rating
Personally not for me because of the dubcon and psychological end. I like extreme smut, but because of the way the story is set up with what we know about the main guy I did not find it to my taste. I only could two chapters and this guy is definitely more on the extreme sadistic side, it is definitely dubcon and heroine is (unwillingly though) NTR. Since particularly at least up to chapter two - there isn't much known about the warden, it' hard for me to find the many smut scenes hot. If sadistic towards the extreme end is your take on dubcon, this is it. But psychologically this felt too much on the super dubcon...that I was scared for the heroine and I couldn't find care for this. If you're into all that and okay though, this is for you. I do give it props for the TYPE of various smut scenes that I did see though.
Marbear1000 Rating
This is by far, my favorite series yet on this website. I read it over, over, and over, I just can't get over it! Although it kills me that THERE ISN'T ANYMORE. Where is it?!?! Pleaaasseee I need the rest!!! When will more come out?! I'm begging you!!! D":
Yahiko03 Rating
Was Getting good until the female lead started whoring her nobody around. The main male lead Aki Myojin is the only good thing going for this manga. But they are slowly pushing him to a second male lead which is making me want to quit this manga. Higa act like he's doing what's best for the girl but really not. He hates on Aki Myojin too. Don't like him one bit.
Mina Rating
I checked this manga out of curiosity. And even before I read it, I already told myself I'd give it some leeway if she doesn't fight back : "She's been rendered mentally and emotionally impotent because of her situation and is too confused to be consistent, ok, I'm ready...". That being said, I actually like the psychological aspect of this manga.I've been thinking about why the heroine is captivated by the warden: his good looks(he's hot in his uniform)and the occasional glimpses of sadness she sees behind his eyes make for a mysterious character that you just want to puzzle out. I guess she just wants to understand him. And I suppose, I do too. I'll continue to read this because the events in Volumes 8-10 have made me even more curious about what will happen. Warning to readers: The heroine has 'sexy times' with more than one guy (not simultaneously). So, if you can't stomach the idea of possible multiple partners or can't make leeway for their situation, this isn't for you.
Snowfox Rating
I was interested in the story until it became clear that the girl is just a weak-willed sex toy. The guys are stealing whole show and are much more interesting than she is. Aki is a cold, ridiculously gorgeous and sadistic mystery man, whereas Higa is the more masculine, hot yakuza guy. Between the two I definitely prefer Higa. I've lost interest in the sex because of my increasing dislike of the female character and am only reading this to finish the story.
Bookworm Rating
Art is really good. The guys are good-looking and the girl is cute. The smut scenes are extreme so prepare for ultimate hotness literally on every chapter. Totally worth the tickets.
RainbowCloud Rating
Let me know when the next volume is out! I would like to have the whole complete series to read and finish! I really really like it!!
SugarBunny Rating
A whole lot of dubcon/cuckolding and the heroine is being r*ped during the majority of the sex scenes. Plot will suck you in but the repetition of the heroine being assaulted and saying things like "i want to die" and "i feel disgusting" afterwards leaves you feeling uncomfortable. I love extreme sex scenes as well as BDSM but this series over does it in an attempt to be sexy. Plot is decently interesting and kept me reading to see how she was going to get out of this mess...but the sex scenes (which are not all that well drawn or well done anyways) kept me from continuing.
shiseiten Rating
After the first couple of books I thought, there's not that much other than sadistic voyuerism. But once you get to book 3 things start to get a little more interesting with more character development and mystery. Now after finishing book 7, I'm invested in how this will continue. Make it through the first two, and stay for the mystery (and the rampant sex, which I can't complain about ;P ).
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