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poppidim Rating
I'm just gonna admit it: i was one hundred percent lured by the cute cover XD I wasn't dissapointed, though: a light read with a fun cheesy set-up (''guess we have to kiss to recharge my magic, huh?'') and a happy ending. I enjoyed the character designs, all the sweet blushing expressions and the little piggy familiar Lulu was so adorable! One of the parts that really made me crack up was when the main character was told ''Shut up! Just go home and get your lips ready for all the kissing we're gonna do!'' and he legit went out and bought lip balm XD I enjoyed the secondary couple as well. I'm always a sucker for the sort of storyline where arrogant characters fall for that ONE stoic character their charms don't work on - except of course it turned out the stoic dude loved him back all along. Awww! Give it a try if you enjoy manga with cute art, lots of kissing and a hint of love triangle / jealousy.
SaraN Rating
This was a cute, silly story. I thought the art was pretty. It's fluffy, with a little drama from a mischievous wizard cousin. Chapters 1-5 are about the main couple, chapter 6 is about the cousin.
Dorkinlesbian Rating
A very cute and innocent story
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