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Waterbaby09 Rating
I absolutely love this story. I absolutely love when couples can be reversible in their with whom is top or bottom. I just can't get enough of stories where they do both
HorseObsessed Rating
?I admit I read these books in the wrong order. I read them by number of pages (smallest to largest), I read the story out of order (& my apologies for that). Overall the story(s) (with all of the books) is very good. ?I guess I'll have to reread them in order from now on.? I do still like the story with Wataru & Ryu the best, though.?
Broesa Rating
Picked this up because it was on sale and it's surprising to find a VERSATILE couple story made in the 2000s. But I will say that this main title is mainly innocent with implied smut. The author like to make doujinshi of this couple and spread the stories in her other works and those are much smuttier. Overall, I'm glad that I brought this title I just wished the other stories was made into its own book instead of being so spread out and hard to find.
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