User Reviews For: The Silent Sweet Tooth's Sweetheart [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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caschasan Rating
Even though this kind of story is fairly normal in the BL world, it has a pretty realistic reaction from the uke regarding the sexual harassment of the seme character. It was interesting to read how the author turned the story around after the couple had a bad start. In between I felt a bit twisted imagining how this story would have played out in real life, personally I wouldn't have been able to do what the uke did but this is still yaoi after all.
zeethereddinosaur Rating
I'm happy everything turned out the way it did but I'm not entirely convinced about the way the uke fell in love because the author started a little bit tough for the uke's attitude which is that he was 'reluctant' and a bit 'repulsed' by the seme at first... ok maybe a bit too much that you could consider him being a tsundere 'til the end. It needed a little bit more time to develop in my opinion, not just 1 chapter(the last one) for them to 'get it on'. Don't get me wrong, it is still very cute so it's worth the read.
3Yukki Rating
Wish the was more...
Daekin Rating
Actually a cute story and had some funny parts. Art's nice too. I really enjoyed it!
sarasusamiga Rating
The art style and humor were enjoyable, but the dubious/nonconsensual scenes really bothered me.
GregorIAN Rating
Was so proud of the uke when he kicked him in the balls....and then I was so disappointed in everyone else who pushed them back together. Listen to the other reviews and skip this one.
biggestrebel Rating
I agree w others that a 3.5 is the way to go but a higher 3.5 to 4 is what I'm giving it. It was a typical BL w force being used more than I'd care to say. It was nice seeing scenes of development but this story would have benefitted from more. Cute, and I liked the ending/bonus pages. I wont buy but a rental was fun
cededenis Rating
If I could, I'd give it a 3.5, but I can't... The reason I'm only giving it a 3 is because I was hoping for more action if you know what I mean. The beginning was also a little cringey for my taste. Usually, things like that doesn't faze me, but I think the combination of it with Shun's personality is a little too much maybe. The story is not all bad though.
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