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Oltrepassassi Rating
Goofy, light hearted, beautiful art. It's an affordable, fluffy read!
votoran Rating
Very good story with competent, independent, interesting leads. Art is a very strange take on shojo but has its charms, but what really stands out is the paneling and storyboarding, Tomoko Takakura makes the story flow very well.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
This story was perfect. The two leads Spencer and Jane were so cute. Jane is absolutely adorable. My favorite laugh out loud moment is when she is at the dinner and pretending to be married to her best friends husband. Poor Chuck! It's harlequin, so there was the usual misunderstanding between the leads and the pussyfooting around the whole "do I confess the truth/ confess my feelings" scenario. There is absolutely no cheating or scandals, just a truly sweet lovely story and a great HEA. Must read. The art is fantastic, usual greatness by Tomoko Takakura.
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