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kurome Rating
The story plots was very interesting and super awesomeness!! glad I used my tickets to read this. The art itself is just so beautiful! all the stories are just so very entertaining I recommend 鐚種室\\扎( '
Valehue Rating
If you like one-shots, this isn't a bad go-to to get your rocks off.
Shinoshallbugyou21 Rating
The art is wonderful and the story is developed nicely but I can't help but feel disconnected from it. It doesn't draw me in or make me not want to put it down and I'm not quite sure why? Maybe it is an odd translation but I'm not sure. Also having only the first two stories involve scenes is a bit of a let down. It makes it feel pointless that I read the other ones. Not that smut is a necessity but it is preferred! The 1st story is a bit dull to me as I've never particularly cared for the "perfect worker by day, slut by night" types at all. It's an ok read but nothing that makes me wanna read it again unfortunately. I do enjoy that the author puts negative traits in the characters because it is realistic though. The experimentation with the folklore characters was interesting to look at but not so much read. That story in particular was a bit all over the place and I had to struggle to keep reading it rather than clicking onto a different series.
idunno529 Rating
Cute and fluffy! Love the art!
fionav3 Rating
This was Sooooo disappointing. The first story wasn't bad, but it ended very suddenly with no real resolution. The second was completely daft and the third story was as dull as dishwater. I'm not sure if there was a fourth story because I stopped reading. Didn't want to subject myself to this anymore. Do not waste your money.
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