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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Whoa, not sure what I just read, but I liked it, a lot. This was definitely twisted. Hajime is very greedy and manipulative when it comes to both Kura and Kamota. Kamota is just you're regular lovable idiot with no common sense and Kura is the resident grump grump. I love how all BL is basically just reinforcing the idea that teenage boys are super horny and curious and things can escalate rather quickly, before everyone's thought process can register everything in a rational way. Throw rational thought out the window and follow through with hormones only, whoo-hoo!!! The sexual tension between Hajime and Kura is so intense and both are undeniably drawn to Kamota's simple ways, but it isn't a clearly drawn relationship, just that all three need one another, like symbiosis. It isn't healthy and there are plenty of lines being crossed and blurred along the way. The ending leaves more to be desired, not enough resolution about these three boys and their lives. Needs a sequel.
Lin010203 Rating
I mean the protagonist is your usual oblivious guy.... as for the two other guys... the first one is the nice sweet one, but you know is a bit twisted. The second one is more of an ass and reluctant to join (mean to the main guy). It seems normal, but the story takes you for a weird twist and the smut is good! The relationship between the two tops is very intresting. You should read if you can handle a bit of dark and can Ignore how oblivious the main character. Someone update for the next chapter!!!
HorseObsessed Rating
I really like this story, however the cover & the translated title are misleading. Hajime only allows Kura to have sex with his boyfriend, Kamota, once. There is no intimate relationship between the three of them. That is why I gave only four stars. I did end up keeping it.
jadedtrinity Rating
I love the characters in this book. I'm hoping another book is made about them. Sooo good!!
mieikaz Rating
A very 'hot' story and I like how's the seme seems to be 'fair' with his lover and also with his bestfriend. Overall, a great reading!
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