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LaurenKing911 Rating
It's hard to find a good yaoi now a days and this one got across all the feelings and portrayed everything so well! I definitely want to buy a physical copy of this to add to my collection! :3
starbuckwinchester Rating
Still one of my favorites, I've read this one more than a dozen times.
Ren4Liz28 Rating
Best one I have read in some time. I LOVE the main story so much. The characters are complete opposites, but they are so cute together. With the second story...I kept wishing it was longer or had its own manga. It was a nice lewd end to the manga.
dbz2000ho Rating
I thought how the seme showed his sweet side was so cute at times and how he took care of uke and concerns about the little brother was sweet. It was definitely giving that fuzzy feeling for a yaoi.
tinyKabby Rating
I love the seme here. He's slight sadistic to start off with but ended with a very endearing character.
Jacienda Rating
I love this! It's the perfect mix of story and sexy! I've read it over and over! I wish the second story was longer! That could have really taken off! I'd love for a second volume too! Definitely worth the points!!!
Akane Amari Rating
It's a not too complicated story that is super endearing. Even the one-shot at the end was cute. Love it.
theakaneko Rating
Though it starts awkward for our pair, this story is full of hotness. Very hot, very cute, very "fan me"
jayne21 Rating
Very funny and hot story, Good character development.
msgiggles11223 Rating
Love this manga really enjoyed reading this.
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