User Reviews For: Lewd Red Strings -The Night I Fell for a Sadistic Demon-


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iori Rating
Worth to read it. It such a sweet and funny love story
bbbb Rating
Fmc is half-demon half-human and must become a wife of hot demon mc. Cute story. She really comes to love him, and so has he. Worth the money spent!!!!
morningcoffee Rating
I enjoyed the quality of the artwork and the storyline.
Oddreader Rating
If sound effects like "plop, glop, hump" turn you on, this is your manga. I will also say that even though there's sex, it's not very sexy. Good luck. Peace!
HorseObsessed Rating
I have to agree with the 'Plop, Glop, Hump, Finger,' Etc sound effects if those were localized it would've been better, the translation could've been a lot better, that said, I LOVE THIS STORY!!! It's still well worth the $/points! ;()
Sighz Rating
4/5 due to lack of fleshing out the story. I wish the story went into more detail on backgrounds, differences, etc. There were also offputting plop, glop, hump sound effects. Characters, & art are great. There's a lot of sex scenes. Overall a good buy if you are looking for a demon, & half demon story without being in depth.*trigger warning* Non-consensual interactions.
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