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SaraN Rating
I'd actually give this 4 stars, but I'm adding an extra star to make up for the 1 star review, which I think is unwarranted. It's common to have multiple stories in a book with the description only matching one of them, though it should be tagged Yaoi Anthology. This is a collection of 5 or 6 smutty, surprisingly sweet stories. One or both parties usually have a secret crush, and it goes from there. Each story was a decent length with solid characters that I would have liked to see more of. It's all fluffy stuff, no drama or serious back stories. I rented then bought. It'll be an occasional reread for me.
hweianimeme Rating
Rating it as a 4 but adding extra star due to the rather unfair one star rating. Like, multiple stories in a volume are super normal, plus the couple's dynamics are all different and cute, tis not groundbreaking but it's a fun read. I mean to be fair tho the main story I would expect to be 2/3 chapters but I think it's was just a oneshot like the others. In fact some other one shots had extras and I don't think the main story did so in a way it doesn't feel like a main story. Still it's multiple stories in one, at least one sex scene and generally it's a story of mutual pining that just needs some communication and sexy times to solve it lol
nowed Rating
The whole thing was divided into several chapters, not giving enough time for the reader to get to know the character very well. The summary is misleading, as it only talks about the first story. Other than the first story, there is not much more bdsm involved. Each mini story had maybe 2 sex scenes, and they don't really fall into the 'sadistic boyfriend' tag. I feel like I wasted my points.
malcosky Rating
It wasn't that bad and of course its individuals chapters.
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